Leh View restaurant, Leh

Yogesh Sarkar

Leh View restaurant is located in the main market of Leh city and serves the best biryani in town. Ambiance of the restaurant is good and food decently priced. A good place to visit if you get tired of Tibetan and Israeli cuisines.

Yogesh Sarkar

Re: Leh Palace View restaurant, Leh

Yup the one next to SBI ATM, I didn't try the rooftop restaurant of theirs, but few other guys did and they got a pretty good view of the Leh Palace from there.

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Hey how much does the food cost here??
Hahahaha! Welcome Arun! What a start! Your very first question is about FOOD! :)
Yes, there are many here who share that passion as well!

To answer your question, prices are OK. Even though the view is worth a million dollars, the food is quite cheap! And you can always walk in and ask for just a plate of momos or a coffee!


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Chicken biryani is around Rs90.

The best part is they serve beer in a tea pot.

When we were in Lehin sept 07 it was among the favspots to hang out. The view is amazing, the food is good and on top of it you can watch a cricket match having beer.
Hey, thx for reply.....

& well wat to say I love Food.........but u r r8 the view is IMP.

Hey has the manali - leh road opeaned ??

we r planning to take that road on 26 or 27 of this month so will it be open by then??

& how r the weather conditions this year.........can we see the nature !!!!
or only snow on the Manali - LEH road??


Hi Sarodearun
We are leaving around the same time. 28th is the plan as yet. Maybe we could go together if you are going from Delhi or around delhi