List of essential things to carry for Ladakh

Yogesh Sarkar

Srinagar does not have any motorcycle rental shops, plus it is best to cover Manali route before passes start receiving heavy snowfall (which they normally do in October).

Vik M

Thoroughly check both of them to see whether or not they work without fail. If they work without issue, then no problem in carrying them to Ladakh and using them instead of a laptop. In fact that is what I am planning to do on my upcoming trips, though instead of portable HDD, I would likely end up using large pen drives.

August is a very good month to visit Ladakh, and it should be fairly warm to comfortable at most places (barring high altitude passes and places like Pangong Tso). Chances of snowfall and seeing snow are slim.
Thanks YS!
I have bought a WD my passport 1TB and tested it with My Moto-G.
There are few problems which i sorted out. It came with a default NTFS file system which i had to convert to FAT32 system.

The HDD needs no external power. But the problem is, there isn't enough power to power the SD card and HDD simultaneously. Also my Moto-G is 8GB version, it would be pain to transfer SD card to Phone and then to HDD..

I think Higher capacity pendrives is a better alternative..


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You need one permit to cross Rohtang Pass, if you are traveling from Manali side. This is available at Gulaba check post.

After reaching Leh, Indian Citizens do not need any permit for usual tourist circuit. Only if you are planning to visit places like Hanle, Chushul etc. you will need permit from DC Office in Leh, procedure for that is mentioned here,
What are the document I have to carry at Gulaba check post for Rohtang Pass permit.?

Yogesh Sarkar

DL and RC, though starting this year they might start testing pollution levels at Manali, before the vehicle heads to Rohtang, so this rule might change.