List of Hotels and Guest Houses in Ladakh


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Hi Yogesh.. Is the hotel list valid for 2018 season too? Rates may not be updated but are the hotels all ok to check for booking?


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You can find the 2016 list here, of Guest Houses & Hotels in Leh 06.05.2015.pdf. Some of them might have changed hands or closed down. In case you're looking for recommendations, please mention your budget and places you're planing to stay at in your thread and we will pitch in with recommendations.
Kindly share recommendations at these places please (budget in brackets):
- Srinagar (~1500 - 2500)
- Drass / Kargil / Lamayuru (~800 - 1500)
- Leh (1500 - 3000)
- Hundar (~2000 - 2500, not sure about prices so just taking a guess)
- Pangong Tso (~2000 - 2500, , not sure about prices so just taking a guess, happy to save money if lower price-points are available)
- Pang / Sarchu (~1000 - 1500, is this enough assuming tents)
- Manali (2500)
- Pathankot / Jalandhar


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Hello Yogesh

This is my first post to the forum . I have been silent observer of BCM and finally writing my first post . Please bear with me if certain topic is OT . I would need suggestions for my planned trip to ladkakh towards 1st Week of September . We would be 3 adults (including 1 senior citizen) + 3 kids aged 9 and 11

1. Planned Iternary is to land at Srinagar
> Stay there for 2 nights including the day we reach there .( Local sightseeing is planned in and around )
>> Please suggest Good hotels with 3500-5000 per night (around lake )
2. Then leave for Leh by road by taxi via Zojilaa pass
> Overnite stay planned at Kargil/
>> Does the plan sound plausible ? Please provide refrences for stay ?
>> Any reference for good taxi service in Srinagar for drop to Leh ?
>> Idea about Cost of Taxi ?
>> Anything we should keep in mind for the route
3. Reach Leh Next day
>> Any thing we should not miss enroute ?
4. At Leh
>Rest completely 1st Day
>Next Day Around Leh local sightseeing and Zanskar confluence
> Next day move to Hunder stay at Hunder/Diksit overnite
> Next day directly to Pangong , Overnite stay at Pangong
>Next Day To Leh
>. Stay 1 night more at Leh and then fly back
>> Kindly provide references for Good Guest houses/Hotels for Around (3500- 5000 ) per night at all places ? Preference is that hotels are not too away from market since I have a senior citizen with me
-> I searched few names Silver Cloud , Orient , Sangto ... How are they ? And which of them is best ? With kids would love to have a hotel/guest house with Apple tree in their garden
>> Refernces for stay in Hunder/Pangong ?
>> Refrences for reliable taxi contacts and estimated cost of Taxi ?
>> Since I have a senior citizen with me anything I should be aware and prepared for ?
>> Any refererences for local shopping in Leh ? Esp for good quality dry fruits ?

>>> Anything you would like to point about weather, Political situation in that timeframe ?

Sorry for the long Post . Would appreciate the Help



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Here is an exhaustive list of Hotels and Guest Houses in Ladakh, with their contact details. Also attached is the rate list for various types of hotels and guest houses in Ladakh, which can be used as a way to find accommodation around one’s own budget. Though do keep in mind that a little bit of haggling is certainly possible, especially if you are booking the room on the spot or during the lean season.

Update: Hotel Tariffs as well as the contact details of hotels and guest houses in Ladakh have been updated to the latest for 2014-15, please find the updated details in the attachments below.
You are such amazing guy you providing the best hotels of the list that we can decide then come on palce. Im really glad to see this list. Thank you so much for providing this details to us.