List of things to Carry for Himalayan tours


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Here's a comprehensive list (hopefully) of things to carry for your motorcycle tours in the Himalayas -- primarily Ladakh. This is designed for a group of 2-3 riders for a period of 25 days or more. Certain things may not apply to all riders depending on the route they intend to take and the availability of facilities.

Btw, I read the list put together by Yogesh with respect to spares and tools and this I believe would be an useful addition.

(* Common)

I. Equipment:

  1. First Aid Box (scroll below for contents)*
  2. Tool Bag/Pouch (Contents)
  3. Bike-specific Spares Contents
  4. Foot pump or 12v DC Mini-Compressor*
  5. Aloksak Waterproof Zip Lock bags – 2 sets
  6. GPS with batteries & charger*
  7. Cell phone with charger
  8. Camera kit (with lenses & flash if SLR) with spare batteries & charger*
  9. Camcorder with charger*
  10. Tripod and/or Shoulder pod
  11. Microfiber cloth or Chamois Leather
  12. LED Flashlight/Headlamp – 2 with spare batteries*
  13. Swiss Army Knife
  14. Cigarette Lighter (windproof) – 2*
  15. Jerry Cans for Fuel – 2 x 10Lts
  16. Insulated travel flask

    II. Riding Gear
  17. Helmet with new visor
  18. Skull cap/bandana/balaclava
  19. Riding Goggles (UV/Polarized)
  20. Riding Jacket with Thermal Liner
  21. Armored Gloves
  22. Waterproof/Thermal Gauntlet (long sleeved glove)
  23. Waist support belt
  24. Riding Shorts/trunks
  25. Riding Pants with Thermal Liner
  26. Sealskinz Socks (waterproof submersible)
  27. Riding Boots

    III. Clothing & Accessories
  28. Thermal Underwear – long sleeve/long johns – 1 set
  29. Sweatshirts – 2
  30. T-shirts – 2
  31. Jeans – 1
  32. Shorts/Track pants – 1
  33. Chappals/ Quickdry Floaters – 1
  34. Y-Briefs or Trunks – 5
  35. Nylon Belt – 1
  36. Cotton Socks – 2
  37. Woolen Socks – 1
  38. Woolen Cap/Beanie – 1
  39. Woolen Inner Gloves – 1
  40. Wide Brimmed hat or Baseball cap – 1
  41. Micro-fiber Wind cheater or lightweight Fleece jacket – 1
  42. [ame=""]Micro-fiber Quick-dry[/ame] Towel – 1
  43. Handkerchief – 2

    IV. Camping Equipment
  44. High-Altitude Dome Tent – could be hired*
  45. High-Altitude Sleeping Bags – could be hired*
  46. Camping Stove with Fuel Tablets – could be hired*
  47. Cooking and serving Utensils - could be hired

    V. Personal Hygiene
  48. Toothpaste (small tube)*
  49. Tooth Brush
  50. Liquid Soap*
  51. Shampoo sachets or 60ml bottle*
  52. Face wash*
  53. Cold Cream*
  54. Sunscreen Lotion UVA/UVB – SPF50 or higher*
  55. Shaving foam (small) or cream (small tube)*
  56. Shaving Razor & Blade or Electric shaver
  57. Aftershave lotion/balm*
  58. Scissors
  59. Roll-on Deo or Spray
  60. Washing Detergent soap or powder (small sachet)

    VI. Food & Hydration (While Camping)
  61. Maggi Dal/Sambar Atta Noodles
  62. Ready-2-Cook food of your choice
  63. Tomato Ketchup & Mustard Sachets
  64. Dates, Dry fruits & Nuts
  65. Small sachets of Sugar, Common Salt & Pepper,
  66. Butter (small) & Mix Fruit Jam (sachets)
  67. Whole Wheat Bread/Buns (you get this at German bakeries)
  68. Marie Biscuits
  69. Chocolates or Energy bars
  70. Vegit Aloo Mash powder (instant, tasty, rich carb food -- 0% fat)
  71. Milk powder
  72. Bru Ice cappacino sachets or MTR instant Badam mix
  73. Tea Bags
  74. Water Bottles and/or Hydration Pack

First Aid Kit:

IMPORTANT: Please review the following list with your doctor and eliminate the drugs you may be allergic to.

  • Diamox (Acetazolamide) - Useful as a prophylactic for acute mountain sickness (AMS) and as an aid to acclimatization
  • Nicardia (Nifedipine) – Only in case of emergencies if HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema) is suspected
  • Okacet – Antihistamine (for allergies)
  • Crocin Pain Relief (Paracetamol) – Relief from pain/ache and fever
  • Brufen 400mg – Relief from mild to severe body pain
  • Voveran SR 100mg – Relief from severe pain
  • Coldact – Relief from Cold
  • Karvol Plus – Nasal decongestant (ayurvedic Inhalent – Not to be shared)
  • Avomine – Relief from Dizziness, Motion Sickness and Vomiting
  • Digene – Relief from Flatulence, Indigestion, acidity (mild)
  • Sooktyn – Relief from Flatulence/Indigestion/Acidity (mild to severe)
  • Zinetac 150mg – Acidity or gastric problems (only if severe)
  • Entroquinol – Relief from Loose motion (mild)
  • Eldoper – Relief from Loose motion (severe)
  • Genticyn 5ml – Eye and ear drops for relief from irritation
  • Streptsils Lozenges – Chewable tablets for relief from sore throat
  • Solvin – Expectorant and Decongestant (only if severe)
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Dispovan Syringes & needles – Pair each of 2cc & 5cc syringes and hypodermic needles
  • Latex Gloves – 2 pairs. Self-explanatory, Multi-purpose
  • Scissors & Tweezers
  • Cotton wool – 1 medium
  • Bandage Gauze – 5 (various sizes)
  • Micropore Paper plaster
  • Crepe Bandage – 2 (for fractures)
  • Belladonna bandage sheets – 2 (for sprains)
  • J&J Band-Aid FastHeal Washproof – Long, Square and circle patches
  • Voveran Thermagel – Ointment for sprains/muscular fatigue
  • Burnol – Antiseptic ointment (for Burns)
  • Betadine – Antiseptic Ointment for wounds and scratches
  • Candid B – Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial Ointment for topical application (esp. skin rashes)
  • Healex Spray or equivalent Mediderma – Aerosol spray dressing for fresh wounds
  • Relispray – Ayurvedic spray for sprains and aches
  • Dettol Antiseptic Liquid – 50ml
  • Water purification tablets – mild concentration
  • Vicks/Amrutanjan Inhaler (Not to be shared)
  • Vaseline/Himalaya Lip guard (Not to be shared)

Homeopathic Alternative:
Important: Do Consult a qualified Homeopath for dosage. More Information >>

Rhus Tox – Relief from severe body pain
Belladona – Relief from Headache
Coca – Relief from Altitude sickness (AMS)
Gelsemium – Relief from Diarrhea/Loose Motion
Veratrum album – relief from sever cases of vomitting and/or Diarrhea
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Good list there, though with respect to medicines it is better to carry stuff that you know you will respond well to (from prior experience).


Civilized Mountain Man
Thanks Yogesh. These are the list of medicines (barring the ones to do with altitude sickness) I usually carry in my Medikit. I have two such kits -- region specific.

Moreover, it is always advisable to consult your doctor and know what you are allergic to. Also, if you are organizing a group ride, it is advisable to know the medical condition (if any chronic illness/presnet health/allergies etc) of each rider in your group.

It will help if you keep a form (for each person in your group) for this very purpose where the riders in your group have to fill in before setting off on the ride. You could then consolidate them into a single Excel sheet and keep a printout with you. Besides, It goes without saying that every rider in your group has to get his/her own prescription drugs and cannot expect you to keep it in your kit.

BTW, this list was recommended by a good friend, who is also an experienced doc. I am also certified in First aid, including CPR and thankfully haven't come across any adverse situations. Touchwood!


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Damn neat, thanks Kartz! Yogesh, its time for a sticky on list of must-have items on a motorcycle trip to Ladakh.

Hi motographer!
Thanks a lot to provide a list of things to carry for Himalayan tours. I also fond of these types of tours and very soon planning a long tour in Himalaya mountains. But, i was confused which things are necessary to carry but you solved my problem.


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Berry Berry Informative! Thaanku!

One more thing to add:

Attitude and Respect for the hills!