List of things to Carry for Himalayan tours


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One very important item - Velcro
You can use it to tie cables, broken bits etc., etc., etc.,
This was suggested to me by the Endurance class Raid-De-Himalaya winner


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Great list, Yogesh. I realise I went on my trip to Ladakh with a lot less. Guess I was plain lucky I didn't get into trouble. Will be better prepared on my next trip (Pune - Jaisalmer). Love this BCMT site.


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What is the point of going on a adventure with so much preparation....with so much preparation you are hardly letting the unexpected happen and after the trip is long over, the unexpected experience is what stays with you coz that is what makes your trip different from the other guy


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Thanks Yogesh, your list is first class.
Waiting excitedly to go there! Leaving on the 7th from Manalli to Leh. I want to visit Tosomoriri lake on the way. Is it possible to stay there? How to book? Also is it easy to get a private cab/jeep who is willing to stay on night at Keylong and the second night at Tsomoriri lake? Please let me know.



Shibani, you can do that and if you are hiring an entire taxi, then just about any would be ready to do that. However, you need to consider couple of points:

1. In order to visit Tso Moriri, you need inner line permit, which is issued by the DC office in Leh. So you will have to get in touch with a travel agent in Leh or Manali, fax them your id proof and they will have to get the permit made in advance and fax it back to you, so that you can carry them with you.

2. High altitude, Once you start your ascent to Baralacha La, you will almost always be above 14,000ft, till you reach around Chumathang i.e. after spending night at Tso Moriri and Tso Moriri itself is around 15,000ft in altitude i.e. higher than both Sarchu and Pang. This makes you quite venerable to Acute Mountain Sickness and believe me, sightseeing isn't really fun while you are hit with AMS.

So it would be best if you can avoid visiting Tso Moriri, while going to Leh and instead visit it from Leh or while coming back (in case you are using Leh - Manali highway).