Listening to music while riding a m.cycle

Yogesh Sarkar

Frankly speaking, unless you're using noise cancelling headphones and listening to music at loud enough volume to drown out traffic noise completely, I don't see how it is any different from listening to music while driving.

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According to our Motor Vehicles Act it is illegal to listen to music while driving! Can't believe it? Do a Google! :whistle:

I never listen to music while riding. I want to be fully aware of surrounding sounds while riding. I believe listening music takes away some attention of rider. Which is not good for him and other people on road.
And I do not promote people listening to music while driving.
So yes I think riders should be fined.


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I listen to music while riding only when I'm not on the road. It is a great pleasure to ride somewhere in the foresrt and listening to favorite songs.


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Same here, always traveling with the music. Of course we shouldn't forget about the safety on the road and don't listen it very loud, in order to hear everything around. Another reason for that - we need to take care of our ears now, when we are young, otherwise in couple of years we will be checking hearing aids for sale online and not hearing when wife calls us to have a dinner.
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