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Yogesh Sarkar

We have enabled Facebook, Twitter and Google integration on BCMTouring and if you use any of these services, you can choose to login using these accounts in a single click instead of typing your BCMT password (as long as you are logged into these services.)

In order to enable integration with any or all of these services, you will have to click on External Accounts section of your preferences.


Once there, click on the account you would like to associate with BCMTouring.


You will then be presented with a confirmation page, which will ask you to enter your BCMTouring Forum Password, please enter that and click on Associate Account.


You will then be presented with a popup window from Facebook/Twitter/Google, informing you of the permissions BCMTouring account connection app will have. If you agree to them, confirm your action and your account will be associated with your BCMTouring account.

Next time you need to login to BCMTouring, click on Facebook/Twitter/Google button on the login overlay and as long as you are logged into these accounts, you will be logged into BCMTouring in a single click!


If you wish to disssacociate any of your account, simply visit the External Accounts section and click the check box which says Disassociate your Facebook/Twitter/Google Account and click on disassociate and your account would disassociated.
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Yogesh Sarkar

If you're accessing BCMT through computer, easiest way is to copy the link in the address bar and share it n Facebook.

I will try and implement a better sharing link soon.