Lonavala (Maharashrta) Some Useful Information


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The most favorite monsoon picnic spot of Puneits and Mumbaikars. It is at a height of 620m above sea level. From Bombay Lonavala is 128 km by railway and 92 km by road. Government Holiday homes are about 6 km. To Reach Lonavala Trains take about 2.30 hours from Mumbai and 1 hr from Pune. Local Trains from Pune take 1 hr 30 min. to reach Lonaval. There is are 2 cinema theaters. Points worth visiting here are Bhushi Dam, Nagpani, Rajmachi Point, Duke's Nose, Kune Point, Khandala Dari, Rye-wood Park, Tiger's Leap, Tungarli Lake, Valvan Dam, Yoga Institute, Ghambirnath Caves, Bhusir Lake, I.N.S. Shivaji (A Navy Tranning Center).
Besides all these the Lonavala Chikki is the most popular sweet over here.
Here is a Little bit about places you need to know before visiting them.

  • Rey Wood Park
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Gambhirnath Caves
  • Tiger's Leap
  • Dukes Nose
  • Khandala Valley
  • Pavna Lake
  • Tungarli Lake

Rey Wood Park :
This park is nearest from Lonavala station about one Km away from it. Hence this is the one visited first by most visitors. It is a park with various flowering trees in it.
Bhushi Dam:
Ideal time to visit this place is in the month of August. The Dam overflows and fun lovers hate to miss this golden opportunity. The extra water overflows from the staircase like structure. This is like a outlet for the water and this is the point after coming where one feels like being in Lonavala that one has heard of.
Gambhirnath Caves :
The most adventurous place over here is Gambhirnath Caves. This place lies between Monkey Hill and Thakarwadi while going towards Mumbai. After bearing some amount of nuisance you reach this place. Coming here includes climbing the narrow path on the hill. When you enter the cave you will feel the underlying suspense and darkness in this place.
Tiger's Leap :
Popularly known as Vagdari. You also find the Echo point over here. Nagphani and Tiger's Leap close to each other, hence often visited at a time.
Dukes Nose :
Also known as Nagphani, Duke's Nose is a place ideal for those who like adventures. Mahadevi temple has been built recently built over here. At the end of rainy season Maharashtra's Everest "Kalsubai" is visible from here. After reaching Khandala when you walk a certain distance towards khopoli water electricity centre, you can see a rock oddly penetrated into the hill, that is Duke's Nose.
Khandala Valley :
Popularly known as Khandal Dari or even Canian Track for some. This is the only place which is advised not to be visited in rainy season. The place is favorite of all trekkers. This place lies in between Rajmachi Point and Rajmachi fort. You come across Ulhas river in this valley. Easiest way to reach the bottom is to first reach the Kune point and then walk to the bottom.
Pavna lake :
This beautiful Lake on Pavna Dam.
Tungarli Lake:
This lake is at north of S. T. Stand near Tungarli village. The hill gives a beautiful view of Rajamachi, Lohagad, Visapur fort and Lonavala City.

Some Useful And Interesting Information About Lonavala

Caves And Forts

Caves And Forts Name Distance From Lonavala Railway Station
Bedsa Caves 21 km
Bhaja Caves 14 km
Karala Caves 12 km
Korigad Fort 20 km
Lohgad Fort 14 km
Rajmachi Fort 20 km
Visapur Fort 14 km

Lakes And Dams
Lakes And Dams Name Distance From Lonavala

Bushi Dam & Lake Approx 04.00 km
Lonavala Dam & Lake Approx 02.40 km
Pavna Dam & Lake Approx 32.00 km
Shirota Dam & Lake Approx 11.00 km
Tungarli Dam & Lake Approx 03.00 km
Valvan Dam & Lake Approx 03.00 km

Some Of The Other Points
1. Rajmachi Point Or Rock Garden : It is about 6.5 km from Lonavala Railway Station. Regular S.T. Buses run in between Rajmachi Point And Lonavala S.T. Stand.

2. Bairamji Point : It is 8 km from Khandala Station.

3. Reversing Point : It is near Rajamachi Point It is know for the panaromic view.

4. Kune Point : Midway to Lonavala And Khandala On the highway. It is know for its scenic beauty.

5.Barometer Hills : It is 24 km from Lonavala Railway Station with Tungi and koregad fort is an extensive table and called sakur Pathar, famous for healthy climate.

6. Ambavance Villege : It is 22 km from Lonavala.

7. I.N.S. Shivaji : This is a basic naval camp.

8. Kaivalydham : It is 22 km from Lonavla.

9. Tata Duct Line : 3 km from Khandala Railway Station


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Thanks for posting useful info...might be of help to someone looking out. On a different note all that looks good on paper isn't that way in real...Bushi Dam...gives me scares ;)


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Thanks for the very informative post.
I am going to Pune & Lonavila in February. Can any body share information about hotels and car rentals.