Long Exposure Photography | Madrid | Vlog


Here is how I approach long exposure night photography when it comes to landmarks and monuments. It is not just about camera settings but also about the process of making that one photo which you always wanted in your collection. The video was shot in January 2020 before any crisis struck. I hope things get better soon so that I can bring more content like this for you from the field. Stay home and stay safe.

Ohh! this is nice! Great job in your long exposure night photography. It is actually a good one compared to others that I have seen. However, I also agree that thing will get better soon so that we can enjoy the outside world once again... and take good pictures as well.


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Madrid is beautiful! Going there in couple of weeks after all my exams are behind. I miss traveling a lot to be honest but with this crazy life i don't even have time to write my essays and need to ask help these guys Gender Inequality - Free Essay Example | WritingUniverse. In couple of months i can hopefully sit on the plane again and look forward to my future adventures.
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