Long term ownership review : Aquapac waterproof duffle Bag


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Tail bags are one of the most prominent accessories when it comes to long-distance touring on motorcycles

Things to be considered while choosing/using a tail bag:

  • As against saddlebags, tail bags tend to move the Center of Gravity (COG) higher up which will affect the handling of the bike
  • Width of the tail unit, pillion seat or luggage rack? A narrow bike won’t be so good with wide bags.
  • Bags with bungee-cord/Fastening system or strapping systems need places for the bungees/Straps to be hooked – not all bikes have these options.
  • Fixing/Fastening system to the bike
  • The volume of the luggage you carry. Do not buy a larger capacity if you have the habit of traveling light.
  • Preferably all-season bags preferred and not the ones with the optional rain cover. At higher speeds the rain cover tends to seep in water from the sides or by the time you stop when it rains to put the rain cover, water might have seeped in.
  • If you are using straps, make sure that they do not interfere with the running wheel or the chain after fastening.
  • If you are loading any tools or sharp objects make sure the ends are covered or the tools are secure in a pouch or something similar so that they don’t come in contact with the surface of the bag and damage it eventually
  • While loading a soft tail bag, make sure you load the heavy stuff to the center so that it is sitting on the rear seat or the rack.

Need factor:
Though I was mostly happy with the tail bags that I had used in the past, I was always looking out for a horizontal loading 100% waterproof Tail bag with a capacity of about 35-40Ltrs. None of the tail bags that I had used addressed these specifications.

I Picked up the bag from Moto Store and Cafe (Ulsoor, Bangalore) for a discounted price of Rs. 3500/-

Tail bags used in the past:




Alternate Options considered:

The Trailproof Duffel from Aquapac is a rugged, waterproof, throw it on the roof rack and get back on the trail bag for all your gear.

Product Quality /Technical Specifications

They are made from tough 500D polyester-reinforced PVC tarpaulin to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail
PVC tarpaulin polyester tarpaulin fabric is based on high-strength PVC coated polyester fabric which is coated with PVC resin paste with synthetic plant esters, antifungal agents, anti-aging agent, Antistatic agents and other chemical additives, plasticized at high temperature. PVC Tarpaulins possess good tensile strength at the same time being impermeable, watertight and anti-cold to as low as -30 ℃

They’re Storm-proof. IPX6 rated. The bag needs to be rolled up very tightly to line up the two halves of Velcro. This is essential if you want your bag to be waterproof.
More information on the IPX Scale
The international standard for waterproofing is called IEC 60529 – Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures and it was developed by a technical committee of the International Electrotechnical Commission

IP CodeProtected againstAquapac Protection Terminology
IPX1Vertically falling water dropsRainproof
IPX2Vertically falling water drops – enclosure tilted up to 15º from normal positionRainproof
IPX3Water falling as a spray falling at any angle up to 60º from verticalSprayproof
IPX4Water splashing from any directionSplashproof
IPX5Water jets – water projected at all angles through a 6.3mm nozzleStormproof
IPX6Powerful water jets – water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzleStormproof
IPX7Protected against immersion for 30 minutes to a depth of less than 3ft/1mSubmersible
IPX8Protected against continuous immersion to a depth of 30ft/10m (see Independent Testing below).Submersible

Fit and Function
Four compression straps secure the bag to be waterproof. It is advice able to remove as much air inside the bag as possible since it takes up quite a good amount of space.

Ease of Loading and Unloading the bag
  • The Aquapac waterproof duffle bags are available in 3 different sizes (50Lt / 70Ltr / 90Ltrs)

  • 70 and 90 ltr options are too big to be carried on motorcycles IMHO
  • Once you unfold the rolled up end, the bag opens up to a single but large compartment.
  • Make sure the weight is towards the centre, the area that rests on the seat and you can load to an extent that you are able to roll the open end till you can engage the Velcro.
  • Once you secure the Velcro first fasten the top compression straps and then the ones on the sides.
  • The Aquapac duffle bag doesn’t come with fastening straps or Harness which can lock it on the seat of the motorcycle.
  • I personally recommend the Btwin tightening straps or the Akro ones. They are on the expensive side, but worth every penny and secures the luggage much better than bungee cords.
  • In order to properly strap the luggage, I have fabricated a clamp, just below the rear seat.
  • Once secured tightly the bag doesn’t come in contact with your lower back while riding, so it gives you an ample amount of space to move around
My general touring essentials for a week to 10 days ride:



Cargo area

Upon loading


The grab rails provide a firm grip to fasten the strap


It is advisable to take the fastening straps inside the compression straps for better grip

The clamp fabricated for better grip

Even after loading the tailbag and the tank bag, there is ample amount of space for the rider to move around (P.S: Atleast on the Karizma)

  • Lightweight (around 900+/- 50 gms) and rugged
  • It is a universally compatible bag
  • With 40 ltrs of cargo space, it is just about right for the week to ten days ride
  • It is more suited for Water-based activities like paddling, sailing, camping or event expeditions. So waterproofing is nothing to be worried about
  • The horizontal opening allows you to uniformly load the luggage
  • Easy Grab handle on top
  • It can be used along with Saddle Bags or side and top panniers which increases the cargo limit by a good extent
  • Have had the bag for about 4 years and clocked about 30-40 kms across difficult terrains, but signs of wear and tear
  • The bright color of the bag reflects most of the heat during those long rides in the sun

  • Does not fit in Laptop as in a Viaterra Raptor
  • Cannot be swapped as a tank bag in need be as in case of Kreiga US 30 ( with the help of a tank bag converter )
  • It does not come with shoulder straps, which would help carry when off the bike.
  • It does not come with fastening Straps as in others in the competition.
  • Though the bag is bright colored for visibility during the day, the presence of reflectors would have helped during night rides

Product Quality ****
Fit and Function ****
Ease of loading ****
Waterproofing *****
Value for Money ****



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That’s a fantastic review.
You mention it’s been with you for about 4 years. Was it 30-40 thousand kilometers?
Also how well does it cope with rain? How resistant is it to water?


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Awesome review Phanikar!!
Thank you Sri :)

That’s a fantastic review.
You mention it’s been with you for about 4 years. Was it 30-40 thousand kilometers?
Also how well does it cope with rain? How resistant is it to water?
Thank you :)

Its fantastic in rain. Very impressed w.r.t waterproofing. Not even once has the water seeped in even though I prefer to ride out mostly during monsoons. After buying this, I have not used any other luggage system while touring, except for the saddlebags while touring with pillion and of course the tank bag which is there always.

very informative review. thank you.
Thank you :) Glad you liked it.

Excellent, Informative- POINT NOTED
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Thank you :)