Long winding road to serenity, The game of cloud and sunlight

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Day 3: 26th May 2014.

We woke up early in the morning as we needed to move to Zuluk before noon. Rishikhola ecotourism homestay will give you a family feeling as there are small cottages built around the free space cover with flowers. There are children playing all around and they have also created small open places to sit and have chats. These places also serve as open buffet to have food.


The cottages and the free space are full of flowers

People of the place are very humble and eager to help you for all your needs. As the local children are very poor they earn some money by giving porter service to pay the schooling expenses. I have heard from the owner of the eco-tourism that before starting East Sikkim tourism, these people were so poor that the opportunity of education was beyond imagination. So he started this movement to educate the people and provide opportunity to earn a better living. All those people who have visited east Sikkim are well aware of this gentleman


Rishikhola Eco-tourism homes are just beside the river

As we looked the seemed to beckon us, so we decided to take a deep in the same. We enjoyed bathing in the river. My parents were very rejoiced to have a bath in the fresh flowing water. The water was chilling cold and it was so clear and blue that the river bed could clearly be seen.


Must try a bath in the river and enjoy the clean and cold water.

To be continued .. the 2nd part of day 3 and 5 more days

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Day 3 Continued ....

We were advised to reach Rongli well in time to get the permission done. On the way we could see that the children were waiting for public vehicles to reach school. A girl requested us to give her lift up-to Rongli. As it was raining and there were less number of public vehicles. It was also a help for us as we did not have to ask any passerby for direction.

We reached Rongli at 10:30 A.M. And the police station was just at the junction of the bridge and the main road. We entered the office of SDPO with all relevant documents and photographs. As I had a talk with SDPO prior to coming to Rongli, I knew that there will be no issue in getting the permission.


Just beside road from Rishikhola & Rongli

And officer present informed us that we have to wait a while as the SDPO was on leave and another officer was out for some work and will return soon. He collected all the photocopy and kept it to get it signed. In the meantime the higher officer returned and granted us the permission confirming that we were driving on a Bolero (Only Jeep and SUVs are permitted). But he also asked to get a shovel and some coconut ropes as it was mandatory to have these things while going. Actually tyre chain was maintained in the rules but as we didn’t have any experience they suggested us to carry ropes. We bought these things from a nearby hardware store but soon another officer entered and said that being tourist we do not required them as there was no chance of snowfall. We returned the shovel and the shop keeper was kind enough to return the money.

Suddenly I realized that I could not find my family members inside the SDPO office area. Later I came to know that my father went for a save and others were having some snacks. Felling relieved we moved on towards Zuluk. As the most important thing getting the permission was done I was very happy and reached Zuluk at 1:00 PM.


The road from Rongli to Zuluk


Mom & Dad enjoying the fog sitting at the edge of the hill


The road from Rongli to Zuluk


The road from Rongli to Zuluk


The road from Rongli to Zuluk

As the name suggest the experience is just like staying at home. In this place the people are very bad in calculation and hence they charged on per head basis. They include foods along with lodging and hence you will not find any food menu rather they can prepare whatever you wish to eat.


Palzor Home


My car parked at the edge ....


After getting fresh we went out to explore the place with rain coat and umbrella as the rain was very unpredictable. Zuluk is a small village located beside Old Silk Route and it’s a military controlled area. Zuluk does not have good school and hence the children have to stay at Rongli for education. You can see only military vans are running up and downs in the lonely road. As we walked in the rain to the helipad we could see the militants were connecting to their families standing on a particular uphill place. I guess that the mobile network is only available on that particular location.


The helipad of Zuluk


Military Truck Parking area

When I reached the helipad the place reminded me of some of the Hindi Romantic song venue. As we could see the valleys and clouds which were dancing at the gaps, it appear as if we were standing on a giant hill and all other hills have bowed down in front of us to greet us.


View from Zuluk

Road Rollers were the first guest of Palzor Home and they still have their comments written on their feedback book. Even today the owner still remembers Road Rollers as this team was the first one who rode through Silk Route on their bike. And I am very proud to be a member of that team.


Written by Road Rollers


The Home-stay from different view

While having dinner the owner proposed us to visit the place in November as we can experience snowfall at that time and there is no tourist. While having chat he also said that the vegetables they consume are grown by themselves through step-cultivations.


Dining place..



Window from outside


Outside view from window.


Step Cultivation and Another View from Balcony

To be continued ....
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