Long winding road to serenity, The game of cloud and sunlight


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Excellent narration and photos ! Waiting for updates .

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Day 4: 27th May 2014.

We started to twist and turn on the old silk route. This is considered as the paradise for drivers. The curves of the loops made me feel the adrenalin gushing down as we started gaining much more height by covering a few loops. Following these loops we reached Thambi. As it was foggy and full of clouds we were not able to see much but I waited for time to see at least few seconds and capture the moments in my camera.




The road from Zuluk To Thambi


View from Thambi


Another view of Old Silk Route

The place started becoming more chilling as we passed by. As we were moving towards Nathang valley the weather condition decorated and the road was covered tripling water as it was raining heavily. After going certain distance I found that nothing was visible and it will be very difficult to return if the rain continues. I waited for some time but it was raining continuously, and then decided to move towards Old Baba Mandir.


Somewhere near Nathang Valley


Somewhere near Nathang Valley

We reached Baba Mandir near about 12:00 PM and enjoyed the tea served by the army people. I took the cup of tea to feel the warm as it has become numb. My mom and Dad became very happy after seeing some people (army) as for the past few hours they did not encountered any man in Old silk Route.


very rare view of old baba mandir

We spent some time with the army out there, as we had nothing to do in the heavy rain. Though I knew about the story of Baba Harbanjan Singh it was still interesting to hear it again from them with some momo and tea.


the only food we had for the day


To be continued .... Next Kupup ...

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Day 4 continued ......

From Old Baba Mandir we moved on to Kupup. We got down to see the elephant lake in Kupup, the lake as gigantic as an elephant and surrounded with hills on two sides. It was filled with water up till the brim as it has been raining for last few days. We could not capture any snaps as it was raining. Kupup is rather a flat land surrounded by hills and hence it is very cold. There is a rock present there painted with chants of prayer recited by the people out there.


rock painted with chants of prayer


Landscape of Kupup

From there we move to new Baba Mandir which is a replica of Old Baba Mandir. It was built with the purpose that reaching old Baba Mandir is cumbersome and most people can’t make to it. As it was season for tourist, we found lots of people there. But all of them were leaving as they were coming from Gangtok Side and it was last place for them.


On the way from Kupup to New Baba Mandir


New Baba Mandir


Size does matter ....:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


After spending some time in Baba Mandir we found that the clouds were getting clear and rain has stopped. I felt good that I could take some good snap in Tsangu Lake.

I was surprised to see that Tsangu Lake has changed drastically over the past few years. When I had last visited the place in the year Jan-2010 there were few countable people and water was frozen into ice. The lake was barricaded on the open side which used to be open and we could walk to the lake.

And the water has turned black as it has been raining and mud has been tripling down. The market adjacent to the lake was chaotic and the cacophony of the crowd could be heard from the lake side.


Picture taken at JAN-2010


Picture taken at JAN-2010


Picture taken at JAN-2010


Picture taken at JAN-2010

The chaos of the place and rain forced of us to go on towards next destination.


Current situation of the same...:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

As we did not spend much time at crowded Tsangu Lake, we had ample time to take a break at lonely place to enjoy the nature. We were lucky enough as the weather has also cleared and at a place we could see the clouds hugging the hills. After spending a little while sitting on the rock and taking some snaps, we drove towards Gangtok and submitted our permission papers at the last check post.


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


Live Young..


View from a unknown place while moving from Tsangu Lake


The permission we required to reach Gangtok from Rishikhola

I had a plan that I will not stay at Gangtok as the place would be crowded and I would not get an economic place to stay along with parking facility. Gangtok was my family member’s choice as they wanted to visit the place for shopping. Being frustrated with the crowd I took an abrupt decision to go to Singtham. As we had spent lot of time to search hotel in Gangtok, it was late enough to enter Singtham and everyone was very hungry as the only food we had was momo at Old Baba Mandir. We were thinking of moving to Ravangla on the very same day but the people out there suggested us that we may not get a place to stay as it will be late enough to reach Ravangla.

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Day 5: 28th May 2014.

The next morning did not appear promising as it was cloudy and raining continuously. But as there was to do in Singtham we started early for Ravangla. When we reached Ravangla it was still raining. We decided to stay away from the Ravangla market place, so moved on to find a less crowded hotel. On the way we say the helipad and decided to pay a visit. We checked in into a hotel which was very impressive.


Ravangla Helipad


While reaching Ravangla

After refreshment we went to visit Buddha Park. It was a gigantic size temple built in the shape of Lord Buddha. The place was calm and colorful and we walked the whole premises with umbrella. I don’t want to give more description as it is very famous and known place.


The Buddha Park in rain


Walking around the park







As it was still raining, we were taking rest in the hotel and chatting with family members praying for the rain to stop.


The hotel room

My wife went out to order some snacks and came running back and asked everyone to come out. No one could believe the view we say there and yes the prayer was heard and the sky became clear. We could see the ice covered peak but as we went to capture them the clouds would mock us and cover the peeks. Finally after some time the peeks glowed golden in the bright sunlight. Soon we witnessed the clouds dancing in the valleys. It appeared that the clouds got trapped in between the hills forming a river fall structure. The sun rays penetrated through the clouds and made the view beyond description.


I have no such description to describe this


I have no such description to describe this


I have no such description to describe this



My Drive ...


The Buddha park after rain shower

We were so impressed with the hotel location that we forgot everything bad in the past and enjoyed the afternoon with nature sitting at dining space of the hotel till evening. At some intervals we walked down the street to take some more snaps from different angle.


Enjoying the view sitting in the dining place with a cup of tea



The same place at evening

In darkness the Buddha temple appeared to be molded with gold and was visible from every place in Ravangla.

To be continued .....End part of Ravangla and so on...


Chalo .......let's go.
Tutai very good capture.
Sad you did not get clear weather during old silk route voyaging.
I saw the most enchanting sunrise from Lungthung.

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True .. But as it was raining the road was completely empty and the journey was very thrilling. I enjoyed it very much :):)

Tutai very good capture.
Sad you did not get clear weather during old silk route voyaging.
I saw the most enchanting sunrise from Lungthung.

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Day 6: 29th May 2014.

The next day we left Ravangla with sweet memories as the sky was sparkling clear with bright sun after a daylong rain shower. We capture the greenery of the place and made our way to Darjeeling.








I had a plan to visit Yuksom as I knew that Darjeeling will be over crowded, still as my parents were willing to visit Darjeeling we made our way to Darjeeling. We traveled through Namchi and crossed Temi Tea garden on our way.

On the way from Ravangla to Namchi
On the way from Ravangla to Namchi

Somewhere in between Namchi and Teesta

In Peshook Road (Teesta to Darjeeling )


Towards Ghum near JoreBanglo

We reached Darjeeling at afternoon but the biggest challenge was to find an economic hotel with car parking. Our known hotels were already packed and hunted to find new one. My wife and sisters started to hunt for hotels and mean while I started looking for a common parking place for night. Soon I learnt about Gimkhana Club where the care taker helped me to park my car at night. By this time my wife had been able to get rooms in the historical hotel “Chalet”.



In the evening we explored the market place as usual and tried out some of the delicacies of Darjeeling.

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Day 7: 30th May 2014.

After spending some time at morning in Darjeeling with tea and Snacks we drove to Tiger Hill to have a glimpse of six sisters of Khangchengzonga. But to our dismay we were not able to see anything as the sky was cloudy and the weather was clumsy. While returning from Tiger Hill something worse was awaiting for us. At the entrance gate of Tiger Hill we stopped to take some snaps.


At morning from Darjeeling

Morning at Darjeeling






Returning from Tiget Hill

Returning from Tiger Hill

The place where our car was not starting after taken the snap.

After this our car didn’t start and I found that it is giving Engine Immobilizer error. I called service center to seek advice and they told me that somebody had tried to start my car with a duplicate key and as a result it has been locked. The only way is to remove the error code using OBD software and they will take 4 hour at least to reach Tiger Hill from Siliguri. After disconnecting the battery cable and reconnecting them again I found that the error was not displaying any more. Hence I was able to start my car and took no risk and drove directly to Siliguri Mahindra (Sona Motors) Service center. At service center we spend another couple of hour to get my car repaired. Then from there we moved to Dalkhola where we had our dinner and headed for Kolkata.


Rohini Road towards Siliguri

View of Siliguri from Rohini Road

Root Map.jpg

The road we covered ..