Looking For IFSC Code of Axis Bank (Sarakki Bangalore)


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Hi friends,

I am looking for IFSC CODE of AXIS Bank SARAKKI Branch Bangalore, Its a new branch so i am not getting code.. if you know then please reply.
You can find your IFSC code from your bank account only let me explain the process of generating IFSC code for a branch... Every branch have a unique identification number. In 14 digit bank account number this unique number is first 3 digit of your Account number.

IFCS code is a 11 digit number unique for every branch of a bank. Every bank's IFSC code starts with their short name like.
For AXIS bank it starts from UTIXXXXXXX

your bank account's first 3 digits are the branch code like my account number in AXIS bank is 0390100XXXXX77 so here 039 is the branch code. You have to make a total of 11 digits starts with short name of bank +XX+first 3 digits of your bank account, in all scenario remaining "XX" digits are "0". so if you want to know your IFSC code of my brach so it will be UTI00000039.

If want to cross check go to below link


Hope i am able to explain it...


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All knows if you have the account in any bank then IFSC code is always mentioned in pass book. If not then there is a customer care number aslo printed there for any find of help.