Lose Weight Club!


Welcome guys!
Pls post your gym/excercise schedules/durations etc..and your diet plans!
EDIT : and your present stats and your target stats!

Yogesh Sarkar

hehe no stats and will be doing weights in order to loose the weight and i will try to cut back on food and more importantly on the cold drinks that i gulp down while at our regular meets etc.


Full Use Else Lose
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well, herez my regular daily regime:
- wake up @ abt 0630-0700 hrs
- 5 minutes of warm-up & then 20 push-ups... earlier i was able to do 50 non-stop...now 20 takes abt 4-5 breaks :lol:
- and... thats it!!!

and stats are 42-37-40... is it extra-wide, like my widescreen lappy?? :twisted:
and the weight is 90KGs...just short of hitting the figure Tendulkar and Sehwag are shy of!

just wants to include one thing in my daily exercises in 2007... thats my exercycle! it is lying idle for past few weeks... hmmm... okay, for past 1.5 year! :lol:


Yogesh it is imp for us to do cardio since that helps increase stamina as well as quickly burn fat.
Cardio can be running/stair climbing/swimming etc.. try and factor in atleast 30 mins of cardio.


my workout routine cycle has
DaY 1 Cardio+ABS
50 mins of varied cardio (treadmill,stair trainer,cycle,cross trainer)
+ 15 x 2 sidebending(5kgs)
+ 15 x 2 Forward crunches
+ 15 x 2 reverse crunches

Day 2 upper body
10 mins warm up on treadmill
excerises using dumbell(3.5kg)such as
Flat dumbell press
O/h dumbell press
Dumbell curls
dumbell shrugs
also i use the resistance machines for
Lateral raise
Lateral pulldown
seated row
cable pull etc
and backextensions
All are done in 2 sets of 15 each.

day 3 cardio+abs again

Day 4 lower body
10 mins treadmill
leg exceises also various resistance machines including leg curl etc..
then 5 mins cross trainer and 10 mins stairs trainer.

and again back to day 1 and cycle continues.

when i joined the gym my weight was 66.5kg
its 65.x right now..
my main concern is my fat % which was at 31% (ideally should be ~20)
need to bring that down.


Old school
My current weight>69.9
Earlier,about 10months ago>77kgs
my target>65kgs,which is consider ideal for my height
workout>brisk walk every evening,I walk about 5kms everyday.
Diet>cut down on oily food.

Yogesh Sarkar

Arpan not much into cardio from starting, plus with the Delhi weather going out for a walk is such a cold thought. Any way will start with walk as well, but weights have always worked for me. light weights, multiple reps and sets.

Sachin I agree, Shamik stay out of this thread!