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A simple mantra. Eat everything on earth moderately. Run 2-4kms a day. Be light on dinner. That's it really :)

My regime.
No diet control.
I run 8kms every alternate day (max 1 hour), and weekend run of 15-20kms(2-3hours).
2 days a week - 30 minutes gyming. (light weight lifts)
My weight is almost stuck at 70kgs (5 9 tall)

Cheers Vamshi.
I want to reach the fitness level where I'll be able to run 15kms. That'l be something I'll aim to acheive in the next 8-10 months.

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You are eating too few calories. Start logging your food using myfitnesspal or similar calorie apps.
Will do that YS, Thanks.

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There is a question to ponder: Can you lose weight if you satisfy your daily protein requirements? I think fastest way to lose weight is to lose muscles, but who really wants that? Protein usually comes with fat and calories. I think you have to eat well and exercise. Dieting should only be done on temporary basis for occasions.

Yogesh Sarkar

I have lost over 13kg in 3 months, while gaining plenty of muscles and eating anywhere from 120 to 140 gms of protein each day. Hope that satisfy your question?

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You have only partially answered the question. Lose five more Kgs and then answer it :grin:. I mean once you are say 5-10 kgs. over your actual 25 BMI limit then it is harder to lose weight only by watching what you eat. Even in your case, I think you have been exercising. Not sure how counting calories alone may be good for anyone?

Yogesh Sarkar

Haha that will take more than 5-10kg :D.

Yes, I do 80-85 minutes of walk (broken into 3 parts) and weight training 6 days a week for 45-60 minutes.

Exercise alone does not reduce fat and eating right does not drastically reduce fat either.

In any case, my goal isn’t to just lose weight, but to become fitter and stronger than I have ever been before.

In case of KJa, my suggestion to log food is to help him fulfill his nutritional need, since he is likely eating way too less at the moment. The only way he will know what he is missing out on is if he logs everything and sees where he is falling behind.

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I think that is about what my goal is. I don't worry about my weight as much but I do get my blood work done every year and that is normal. Generally, farther away you are from 30 BMI, results are faster. Once you start getting closer to it things slow down. I think dieting is OK if you are way over 30 BMI because then you have to get rid of weight fast. Once you come close to it, you have to then start thinking about healthy eating and exercising.

Yogesh Sarkar

Cooked and ate brown rice for the first time today, and I undercooked them somewhat. Overall ok affair, though 40gms brown rice seem a lot less than 40gms oats :D. At least now I will be able to diversify my food a little bit, and not eat oats twice a day, every day.


Guys, i was able to reduce weight from 87kg to 82 kg but now it is not moving. How much I try but it is not going below 82 Kg. I talked with my doc he told me to due more exercises. Thrice a week I run or walk for 1 hour and daily for 2 hours I undergo a difficult Drum and Dhol session which leave me exhausted. My diet is 2 roti with one spoonful of vegetable at 8.30 AM and Same thing in lunch at 2.15 Pm in the office and Dinner comprises of 2 roti , 1 bowl of rice and 2 bowl of Dal. Please suggest me something By which I can reduce the fat surrounding my abdomen and thighs .