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Greetings men!
I need some help with weight loss. I am a college student. I am as tall as 5feet 5.6inches. I weigh 80-81kgs, and I am 20 years old. I have a marriage in the family coming in Feb-Mar. And I need to trim down my tummy, and if possible thighs by then. Can you help? Also, should I mention my dietary habits etc?


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I've deviced a simple diet plan by reading some articles on internet. I would be glad if the experts here would give their valued comments on the same.

1) Coffee will be Milk + Very little sugar + Coffee
2) Green Tea will be mixed with Honey


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Don't Stop, You are just a step away.
After Marriage my weight gained from 65 to 72 kg withing 2 months.
I followed very simple steps.
1. Eat Heavy and healthy breakfast
2. Moderate Lunch
3. Light Dinner (khichadi, or 1-2 chapati)

Note: Drink water after 30 minutes from meal.
drink enough water 15 minutes before meal.
this helped me to get my weight back to 65 within 3-4 months. without much hard work
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What is your goal?

First short term goal is to get rid of the tummy that I've acquired lately. Long term goal is to get from 85 kgs to around 70 kgs in about 5-6 months.

Once I get settled in the diet, I will start exercise. I have a small home gym for some weight lifting and a treadmill for cardio. I have exercised heavily in past but last few years have been sedentary :( which has made me loose my shape and fitness.


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Ok, I hope you know that reducing fat from one specific spot is not possible.
Have you calculated your daily caloric requirement? You need to be in caloric defect to lose weight/fat.
The diet chart you have prepared doesnt have corresponding calories (protein, carbs, fats). Without that you cannot create a structured diet.