LOST in Sikkim

Sachin Nair


LOST in Sikkim: 5 Bikers | 6500 Kms | 19 Days

Let’s start with the title, Shall We? LOST in Sikkim to many might sound like someone lost their way in Sikkim or to the more adventurous ones it might sound more like someone got engrossed in the beauty of the mountains that they actually got lost in admiration of the place. Well it’s actually our riding group’s name, LOST (League Of Sport Tourers) and since our destination was Sikkim we decided to call the ride “LOST in Sikkim”

As a traveller you got to love our country as it offers so much to explore in its unique parts. I consider myself lucky to have seen many beautiful parts of our country from the green hill stations of South India to the beautiful dunes in deserts of Rajasthan to the snow capped mountains of Ladakh. But there is so much more to see in our country that a greedy traveler's mind keeps searching for places where he has not endeavored yet. This very thought of seeing something unseen and capturing the beauty of unexplored places through our lens by the best possible means which is by riding a motorcycle brought us to Sikkim.

So, 5 Bikers along with 2 pillions embarked on a journey to the unexplored hills of Sikkim to end the year in the best way possible for a biker - Being on the roads!


Mustard Field otherwise called Sarson ke Khet


Zuluk Loops, East Sikkim


A night shot of the Honda CBR650F


A monk offering his prayers at Mahanirvana Temple in Kushinagar, UP


Mahasukhamdada Chin Thargyi Pagoda of the Burmese Temple, Kushinagar


Portrait of a Sikkimese lady



First glimpse of snow at Tiger Hill Point, Darjeeling


Ninja 650 posing in Pelling, West Sikkim


Pemayangtse Monastery, West Sikkim


Tsongmo Lake also known as Changu Lake, East Sikkim


View of the majestic Zuluk loops from Thambi view point


Feast your eyes on the frozen Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim


Victoria Memorial in Kolkata


View of Kanchenjunga peak enroute North Sikkim


Scenic views en route Thangu Valley


The colorful prayers flags flying high in North Sikkim

A very brief introduction about the riders mentioned below:
Sachin Nair + 1 (Manisha) - That’s Me! I was riding my Kawasaki Ninja 650 for this ride along with my wife as pillion.

Shreyash Malani - Riding the Kawasaki Ninja 650, he has done Ladakh road-trip on his Ninja 650 so North East was a welcoming trip for him.

Nikunj Kosambi - Riding the Honda CBR650F, he has done Rajasthan circuit on his Ninja 300 and after buying his inline 4 dream motorcycle he was ready for the big adventure of a lifetime.

Deepan Devraj - Riding the Kawasaki Ninja 300, we have rode together to Ladakh, Bhutan and this was the third mountain outing for us together.

Vaibhav Jadhav + 1 (Amruta) - Riding the Honda CBR250R, he has done Ladakh journey on his Ninja 300 before selling the bike. Another brilliant rider to have on such a ride.

Our Sincere Thanks to Motul India who have been our Lubricant partners for this ride and supplied us with Motul 300V motorcycle oils, chain cleaners and lubes for all the bikes in this ride.

A special mention to HV Kumar who always helps us with route planning which is a very important aspect for any road-trip. His immaculate study of Indian Highways and willingness to help travelers is a boon for riders like us. Keep up the good work Chief!

Boy I am excited to write this blog and from the next post onward the ride begins and I hope the photos and write up does justice to this lovely destination - Sikkim. Stay Tuned Folks!


Motul Products received from Motul India for our bikes


Lost in Sikkim Journey


Sikkim explored

Sikkim Collage.jpg



I was little confused initially....kushinagar, Kolkata, Sikkim pics...little mixed up pictures, I thought. But brilliant, nonetheless! Subscribed.


Motorcycle Traveller
Congratulations for completing another awesome journey bro! Have been following your FB updates while you were on trip and now eagerly waiting for the t-log!

Sachin Nair

DAY 1 | 19 Dec 2015 | Mumbai to Chittorgarh

Route: Mumbai - Dhule - Manpur - Ratlam - Neemuch - Chittorgarh
Distance: 850 Kms
Road Condition: Excellent 4 lane highway till Manpur followed by 2 lane highway till Chittorgarh. Annoying rumblers all the way till Manpur.
Stay: Hotel RnB, Chittorgarh

There’s a saying that even the longest and the most difficult ventures have a starting point, for us it was Aamchi Mumbai. After some eager planning and discussions, the D Day arrived for us to embark on our maiden journey of Sikkim to discover the mystical land of mountains, monasteries, lakes and much more. The ride began at an early hour before the crack of dawn when the roads are silent and empty. Distance wise the first day’s ride till Chittorgarh was the longest ride in a day of the entire journey. Swapnil Shelar a fellow Ninja 650 rider gave us company till Igatpuri from where he returned back home. The ride was fast paced due to the presence of lovely 4 lane highway all the way till Manpur. With a couple of breaks for breakfast and lunch we cruised to Manpur by late noon with ease. The only aspect of the ride which I hated today was the presence of rumblers throughout NH3 till Manpur. It was extremely annoying and especially since I was riding with pillion. Infinite number of these rumblers definitely add a good hour or so of delay to an otherwise smooth ride. By the time we crossed Ratlam it was getting dark and we had another 150 odd kms to complete for the day. A good sprint in the night thanks to the well laid tarmac all the way to Chittorgarh helped us reach in good time. HV Sir had already booked rooms for us through CHD (Central Hotel Desk) - A service which is used by numerous travelers across India for hotel accommodation. We need to inform CHD team 3 hours in advance and they book the hotel and share the details with us. Impressive! Is n’t it?

After reaching the hotel, we made it a point to clean the chain & lube it with Motul lubricants as it’s best to do this process when the chain is hot so that the cleaner penetrates in the rubber seals to clean the dust and mud accumulated. A nice shower followed by good dine at Hotel RnB we crashed to the bed after riding 850 kms. A good start to a very long journey.