Madhavpur Beach & Gir Self Drive "Safari"


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Just returned from a super duper fun road trip. There may not be many exciting pics as I've decided to click less on family trips as otherwise most of the time is eaten up in it. But this is one trip every adventure enthusiast should do.

Madhavpur Beach: This is probably the best beach of Gujarat. It's Super long, has clean white sand & is very secluded. It can give any beach of Konkan / Goa a run for its money. No water sports, No shacks, Just a few guys selling Chanachor and Coconuts. It's pure bliss.



Gir Self Drive "Safari": If above excited you, this one will blow off your mind. Many would have undertaken a Safari in rented Gypsy at Gir NP. Its great no doubt about that but what if you can drive your own car and roam inside the NP? Yes, you can as there are 2 temples inside the NP (Kankai Mata & Banej) where civilians can visit in their own vehicles (2 & 4 wheelers are allowed).

There are multiple entry points for this. I entered from Jamvala Checkpost visited Banej, Kankai and exited through Dalkhania Checkpost. I clocked over 75kms in 5 hours. One has to take permits at multiple check posts but it doesn't really take much time.

The biggest attraction IMO isn't the sightings of wild animals (Deer, Bluebell, Peacock mainly and a Lion if you are lucky) but the road inside the park. The roads are extremely challenging. It's an off roader's heaven. In addition to water crossings, there are a few sections that feel like you'll have to climb up or down the stairs. There were sections which felt more challenging then what I had seen in Ladakh or Spiti.

I believe anyone will get excited reading this but do remember to bring a car with 180mm or higher GC or you'll keep bruising your car's underbelly every now and then. Since the roads were very challenging and I was short on time, I didn't click many pics. The ones shown here don't really show the real picture so don't underestimate the terrain.

Update: Due to the rough drive I gave the car for Alignment & Balancing the very next day. 2 Studs of one of the wheel bearing discs broke. New studs were welded in place and now the care is running fine.



PS - If you pass through Junagadh, do visit the Sakkarbaug Zoo (one of the best zoo in India) and Mohabbat Makbara which has superb architecture.

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@Shekhar Surve as far as details are concerned, I've post them already. If anyone has any queries, I'll try and assist to my best knowledge.

Have some pics worth sharing which will do in a few days.

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Nice one Prasham. Remember Madhavpur Beach when driving from Somnath to Dwarka. Beautiful stretch with blue water.