Magical 30 Minutes In Wild @ Tadoba


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This was our first time at Tadoba in Winters. Earlier three safaris from Kolara gate had yielded zero sightings & were repenting on our decision of coming to Tadoba at this time of the year. All our earlier trips were in summers & were rewarded by splendid sightings. With very little hopes we started our fourth safari of the trip sharp at 2.30 pm. The gypsy was moving at a steady pace with not even a deer in sight. About 20 minutes from the start suddenly the driver stopped the gypsy & what we saw to our left took us by pleasant surprise. A Leopard was walking inside the bushes, our first sighting of this majestic beast in Tadoba (after 70 odd safaris). It walked parallel to us for few steps, came out in the open & crossed the road quickly & disappeared into the bushes. We waited nearby for it to come out again not knowing what was in store for us ahead. Quickly we decided to move ahead since it will be futile to expect the Leopard to come back again to the same place considering that the other safari vehicles were arriving at the spot one after another. About 10 minutes later we came across Maya the reigning queen of Tadoba, marking her territory & swiftly moving inside the dense forest after giving us a glimpse of her majestic self. The guide knew where she headed & we quickly moved further to reach the place where she was expected to come out. While we were moving at a brisk pace in search of Maya about 15 minutes later we came across a sloth bear & it's cub crossing the road & moving into the bushes. This made our last 30 minutes magical in the wild with sightings of The Big 3 at Tadoba.

Best watched in Full HD (1080p).

Shot at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR), Maharashtra, November 2016.

Movie clip taken with Panasonic DMC FZ70 & Still pictures taken with Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera & Nikkor 80 - 400 mm VR lens.

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mousourik, thanks for watching & liking the video.

Great to know that you also own a FZ70. Before this i had FZ35. Big fan of Panasonic cameras.