Magical Goa

Rahul Thakkar

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It was somewhere in June 2018 when we thought of going to Goa for small family vacation with my three year old daughter but it got cancelled and we ended up in Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh in August, 2018. Though it was very nice break from Delhi life but still...................

Within a week of coming back to Delhi, I again started thinking of GOA.

And in October, i booked the air tickets to start with for 14th to 19th November.... 5 nights.

Next was to decide where to go and it was really confusing to see so many websites debating on North Goa or South Goa.

I finalised 3 nights for South Goa and 2 nights for North Goa.

Now the question was which beach and which property?

Many beaches and many properties. And finally i shortlisted AGONDA Beach in South and ASHVEM Beach in North.

At Agonda we selected Dunhill Beach resort and in Ashvem it was Lamore Cottages.

Both properties were very nice and on the beach.

But I like Agonda Beach little better then Ashvem Beach.

Pics to follow...........................

Rahul Thakkar

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We landed in Goa at around 2.30 PM and reached Agonda beach in around 2 hour time. Got settled in room and spent the rest of the day by the beach.








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