Magnificent Beast - 5th Gen Verna 1.6 VTVT SX

Vipin Singh Rawat

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Congrats on your new car. Verna is a good car. Rich in features and Super Silent engine. Logical decision. The other day Yogesh was of opinion that you can drive car for free fuel for 1.5+ years [saving for not paying to buy diesel car].

I am not sure of there is any mileage improvement. I was told petrol engine yields in city between 9-11 kmpl. If you are getting 11-13 kmpl; then it is good.
If your usage per year is ~ 8000 km this should not be an issue.
Never ever during ownership buy in for engine de-carbonization.
Wishing you many more miles of happiness.
So you have switched from White to Black color [Contrast].
If I talk about Verna it completely depends on how you drive the car. It may give you 7 - 17 KMPL based on your driving style. Using Cruze control increases fuel efficiency but it makes you feel disengaged from the car.

Vipin Singh Rawat

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Some not so good experiences

Verna came with Hankook tires 195/55/R16 which are made of soft compound and have a low side profile. These tires hardly create any road noise and low profile enhances the handling of the car. I liked these tires however, there is a downside to them.
As soon as I bought the car, I took my car to Haridwar. I felt ride quality to be on the stiffer side which was okay to me as my Figo was even stiffer. But I did not have low profile tires on Figo so potholes did not bother me much.

Har Ki Pauri was just 500 meters away when the rear right tire hit a pothole and I heard a loud noise of air leak. I got down and saw a 2 inch crack on the side wall of the tire. I knew this tire is gone but before it lost its entire air I already parked the car in a designated parking area.

I did not upset myself because I was travelling with my family and I did not want to spoil this entire journey for a burst tire. Though I was actually mad and was trying to divert my mind by laughing and saying to my family that tire burst is a normal thing on low profile tires when they hit a sharp pothole.

But my family thought otherwise. They were comparing Verna with Figo and appreciated how Figo never had a tire burst on potholes.

After having bath in holy Ganges and a visit to Mansa Devi temple it was time for us to return to Delhi. I have changed a flat tire only twice or thrice in my life but my dad loves to do such things quite a lot. He has a liking for repairing appliances at home and changing flat tire, battery, bulbs amuse him a lot. So, my dad changed the flat tire in no time. This tire was on 15 inch rim but had a higher profile which made its diameter equal to other wheels.

Finally, we were set to leave for Delhi. I called couple of tire dealers in UK but none of them had a Hankook tire so I decided to run my car till Delhi on a Stepney and be extra careful for potholes. I called a Hankook tire dealer in Karol Bagh who quoted 6k for the tire. I set the navigation and reached the destination by 7 PM and got the tire changed.

As soon as tire was changed I was happy and set directions to my home. All of a sudden my elder son shouted ‘Mom I can’t open the window’. My wife also tried to open it too but the window did not roll down. I did not know what is happening and told them I will take this car to Hyundai tomorrow. Now everyone in my family started doubting reliability of the car. After half an hour I realised the power window lock was on which resorted everyone’s faith in the brand new car again.

We were tired and no one wanted to cook so, I thought of getting some food packed and have it once we reach home. I parked my car in a DDA shopping complex and started discussing ‘What food’ with my wife and parents. Suddenly, there was a huge thud on rear left door. I got down and saw a man who was trying to sit on a motorcycle which was parked adjacent to the car and fell on my car’s rear left door. I tried to lift him up along with the motorcycle which was leaning on my car’s door. The guy was drunk and turned apologetic quickly. The motorcycle did not belong to him and he was trying to sit on it as he was tired. I checked my car’s door and to my surprise there was no scratch/dent. It was a long day and wanted it to be over.

After 3-4 days from my last drive, I was on a joyride with my friend and heard a loud noise from front right tire. I immediately stopped and saw a big bolt which pierced front and side wall of the tire and reached out to the alloy wheel. Luckily there was no damage to alloy wheel but tire was damaged.

I was genuinely disappointed now


Yogesh Sarkar

I have noticed that most of the car manufacturers are offering low profile tires in their top spec model and an inch larger alloy from their base models.
This is a standard practice the world over, higher spec models get larger alloy wheels. However, in India using low profile tyres, at least for non-luxury vehicles ought to be avoided.

Vipin Singh Rawat

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I wanted to increase the profile of tire and also wanted it to be of a harder compound. So, I decided to put 195/60/R16 to increase the tire profile by 5mm. I could not find this size in Appollo (I was in hurry) but I found the desired size in Goodyear. Goodyear gave a 2 year scheme of changing tire at no cost if it gets burst or if it swells from one side (provided there is a tread left). So, Goodyear triplemax assurance it is.