Mahabaleshwar in Rains


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Day 4 (12th September)

Given the condition of the brake, we intended to start early for Mumbai. I got up really early.


However, somehow, we could not manage to start before 9.25 am. During our 3-days stay at Club Mahindra Sherwood, we did not spend any time to see the property. So, before leaving, I took few photos.


Road was as usual, completely enveloped by fog.


Just before Venna lake, we took a minute long stop just to capture the green surroundings in our lens.


Our plan was to have breakfast at “Garden Ice Cream”. We reached there around 9.45 am. That day also it was empty. We ordered for Corn Pakoda and Alu Paratha.


They took quite some time to serve the food. Corn Pakoda did not taste as good as in the previous occasion. Finally, we started from there around 10. 35 am. While leaving, we saw one family entering there for breakfast. In all probability, they were staying in the adjacent hotel being run by same management.

As we were progressing towards Panchgani from Mahabaleshwar, road condition improved. Rain took shape of intermittent drizzles. The cloud cover on the road disappeared. And it was riot of green in every direction.


We crossed Panchgani around 11.10 am.

After Panchgani, weather became relatively clear. Though it was cloudy, glimpses of sun-ray was available. The valley down below became visible. The road surface was absolutely smooth. We were driving at a leisurely pace, by design or by default and wherever width of road permitted, we letting the other vehicles overtaking us.





To continue ........


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Day 4 (12th September)


We reached Wai at around 11.35 am.

There, I decided to take a smoke break and parked the vehicle at the side of the road. Immediately, a convoy of 12-15 vehicles consisting of cars, buses and trucks passed. The good-hearted fellows could not overtake my slow-moving vehicle because of the hilly road but never bothered me. I silently thanked them from the bottom of my heart.


After around 5-10 minutes’ break, we resumed our journey.

We reached Surur around 12-noon, got onto NH48 and took the left turn towards Pune. The sky was cloudy but there was no rain. It was pleasant weather.



Though there was almost zero traffic on the road, I was maintaining the speed below 80 km/hr. After driving for some time, I realized that the brake has started working properly. By the time, we reached perfect the brake as perfect as it ought to be.

Later, after reaching home, I sent the vehicle to the service center again and enquired about this peculiar behavior of the brake. The mechanic told that new brake shoes take around 500 km drive to adjust properly. As per them, it is better not to go for a long driving without completing a 500 km city drive after replacement. I wish they would have said to me this earlier.

Our next stop was at Woodstock Foodmall after Talegaon Toll Plaza. We reached there around 2.15 pm. There we found rain again after Panchgani.



After having lunch tried and tested McDonald's, we resumed our return journey. As we were approaching Lonavala, the rain became more intense.



We crossed Lonavala at 2.50 pm.



We were at Kahalapur toll plaza at 3.10 pm and crossed Vashi toll plaza at 3.50 pm.


Then as expected, we navigated through Mumbai traffic for 2 hours and reached our home at Goregaon around quarter to 6 pm. Thus our short trip came to the end.

When we started our trip, we had a plan in our mind. But the trip unfolded in a different way. It did not go as per the plan. But we are not repenting for that. There is a saying “Man proposes and God disposes”. God might have decided not to let us go to Kaas plateau and Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary so that we could enjoy Mahabaleshwar rain to the fullest extent. In a way, I guess, this is the fundamental characteristic of any road trip. You must have a plan but at the same time, you should not be too fussy about that. You ought to be flexible and have the ability to go with the proceedings and enjoy that. So, did we. In the end, it turned out to be a fully satisfying trip in spite of all hiccups.