Mahendra Giri - Second Highest Mountain Peak of Odisha


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Day 1 : 28th November, 2015

Cuttack to Parlakhemuni via Khurda Garh, Salia Dam , Potagarh, Tampara Lake, Parlakemedi’s Gajapathi Palace.

Total Km traveled: Around 370.
Ride time: 5.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Some news articles on Mahendra Giri mountain top were of help to us.

We all reached at BPCL Petrol Pump of Khandagiri, which was our starting point. It was a misty and foggy morning. So we all were little late and behind our schedule time. There were many new riders with less riding experience with us. After short introduction and ride plan we all started & reached KhurdaGarh at 6.15 am.

This was our first place to visit in this trip.
Khurda Fort is "Last Independent Fort" of India ". Khorda is a town of historical significance. It was the capital of Orissa from 1568 to 1803.

Britishers could not include Khurda in its territory till 1827. The strong protest from Paikas of Khurda shook the backbone of British rule in Orissa. Khurdagada is known as known as the "Last Independent Fort" of India.
This is now a ruined fort and nothing much to see here.

While going back to highway we saw magnificent sunrise at 6.40 am.

At 8.00 am I posed with the direction board of Salia Dam.

At 8.20 am we reached Salia Dam. Our Doctor rider Mr. Satya also joined us from here as he was late to reach Khandagiri starting point. We were having two doctors with us this time. Dr. Deepankar also came on his Honda Amaze car earlier.

This canal brings water from Dam for irrigation.

Some more views of Salia Dam.

Our bikes parked outside dam entrance.

The view of dam entrance side from middle.

That is Dr Deepankar, Sandeep, Sambit, Anupam, Satya & Taufique.

Some more views around Salia Dam.

This canal will be full of water during rainy season.

It was 9 am & we all were hungry and inquired for breakfast nearby. Before starting we clicked a group picture.

After having breakfast we were on NH again. From here Dr.Deepankar and Debanjan went back to Bhubaneswar after an incidence. At 11.45 am we balance 15 travelers reached at PotaGarh. This place is just before Chatrapur.

Potagarh is on old fort on the banks of river Rushikulya.

This is Rushikulya River.

This is old fort and you can see a factory nearby also. The factory is of Jayashree Chemicals.

Me and Satya decided to ride on river bank off road. Riding on the bank of river we reached a point where RushikulyaRiver was meeting with Bay of Bengal.

It was very scenic place with lots of boats.

We called other riders come down there to see this beautiful place. And they arrived one by one in style.
This is Siddhant with his Duke.

And other riders behind him.

Road with coconut trees around was looking different.

There was a cemented shed for keeping fish. We all went inside.
That is me with my Pulsar 200 NS.

That is me with Dr. Satya.

We all took a group picture there with our motorcycles.

At 1.00 pm we reached TamparaLake, which is very near to Chatrapur.

TamparaLake is a fresh water natural lake and people come here to enjoy boating.

That is me with Satya at Tampara Lake.

That is boat jetty.

Satya clicked this amazing picture of Taufique and me.

We had lunch at Kanisha Dhaba outside Berhampur on NH.

We all topped up our tank as petrol will be around 10% costly in Andhra Pradesh.

At 5 pm we crossed toll gate of Palasa. But 2 riders went inside Palasa town by mistake. It was sun set time.

We all waited for them to reach at proper road.

And were looking at the beautiful sunset from there.

When you ride solo you travel faster, but in group riding you need to wait for others. We had to take state road towards Parlakhemundi from next junction.

Sun Set view.

On the way towards Parlakhemundi, Andhra Police checked our License, Registration papers, PUC and Insurance, which made us reach little late.
We search for lodge or hotel for our night stay and finalized at ShivaKrishna Lodge at Rs.200 per person or Rs.400 per room.

After dinner others were busy in small get together at hotel, but me and Satya went to see the palace of kind of Parlakhemundi.

The palace is called GajapathiPalace.

We met two local gentlemen who told us many things relating to this palace. As it was a small town, many people knew that many bikers have come to the Paralakhemundi town.

That is Satya posing at Palace Gate.

And this is full view picture of GajapathiPalace of Parlakhemundi.

Before sleeping, we all decided to leave our hotel early next day, so that we can visit Mahendra Giri tomorrow and also reach back early.
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