Mahendra Giri - Second Highest Mountain Peak of Odisha


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Day 2 : 29th November, 2015
Parlakhemundi to Cuttack via Gandhahati Waterfall & Mahendra Giri.
Total Km traveled: Around 352.
Ride time: 5.30 am to 2.30 am. (3rd day)

PART ONE = Gandhahati waterfall, First view Mahendra Giri & reaching base.

We all were ready to leave at 5.30 am from the hotel at Parlakhemundi. We reached the petrol pump first to top up as next petrol pump of Odisha will be around 150 km away.

I captured some beautiful landscape on the way to Gandhahati Waterfall.

At 6.40 am we saw this sun rise.

During winters you can have better view of sunrise.

While I was capturing this other riders went ahead and reached the starting point of Gandhahati Waterfall and were waiting for me.

At 6.50 am we reached Gandhahati Waterfall. It was very early so the entry fee cum parking counter was also not open. But there were some picnic buses present.
It was a nice to see this waterfall again after 9 months.

While I was trying some pictures with different exposures and timing, other rider reach the top of waterfall.

But I stayed there to capture some more of this waterfall.

Almost all riders reached the top of waterfall.

And some were busy in posing and clicking.

And Sambit clicked my picture from the top of waterfall.

And some were not intending to go the top of this waterfall. This is hungry Siddhant posing.

This is me with Nirmalya at the base of waterfall.

This is me clicking using mobile also.

Time for a selfie.

There is a waterfall surrounded by the dense forest. Wild elephants come to the upper side of this waterfall to bath/drink water.

Picnickers started arriving there and making noise on loud speakers. And before leaving we took a group picture.

Then we started riding towards the base of Mahendra Giri….. Burakhat pass. But as we wanted to have breakfast first, we stopped at Kainpur for our heavy breakfast. We were informed that nothing will be available for lunch at Mahendra Giri.

The road towards Kainpur goes via Kinchiling. It was a hilly road with red sand.

It was 7.50 am but no sign of any hotel or eatery or any place for breakfast.

At one scenic point I stopped and waited for others who were riding behind me.

I was enjoying the nature there.

And they arrived in style.

Then at last came our Nano with Sandeep and Sambit in it.

We all were happy to ride on a mountain road.

While were taking this pictures, other riders who rode ahead were waiting for us on other side of mountain.

You need to be careful while riding on curves of mountain.

But as we were riding in group, help came immediately.

Again back to ride.

There was a new road construction going on. So when we will come here next time there will be tarmac road.

The new road ahead.

And this was our first view of the three top Mountain….. MAHENDRA GIRI.

A zoom view of the same.

At 8.20 am we reached Kainpur and had our heavy breakfast.

We bought water, heavy snacks for lunch. It was around 8.45 am and our next destination BURAKHAT Pass was still 7 km away on scenic mountain road.

There was a water stream on the way.

Now the road was almost empty with lots of scenic place for clicking pictures.

While others zoomed ahead to reach the base, me and Taufique decided to go slowly and clicking lots of pictures on the way.

Mahendra Giri top view was getting nearer.

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I stopped again at 9.15 am to see this scenic place with great view of Mahendra Giri Mountain.

I was happy inside that today I will be riding on second highest mountain of Odisha. I had rode solo to Deomali earlier in December, 2014. Travelogue link for Deomali is HERE .Deomali is at 5485 feet and is highest peak of Odisha. And Mahendra Giri is second highest mountain peak of Odisha at 4925 feet.

I again stopped after 5 minutes to click this view.

Some locals were moving on foot on that scenic route. And there was a pleasant silence there.

The view of other side was also nice one.

It was time for a pose with Mahendra Giri.

See this hut in the slopes of mountains. What a view they must be getting each day.

I again stopped at 9.30 am to click this beautiful road.

View of Mahendra Giri from there.

Looking back at the road we passed.

Some more scenic view around.

Finally at 9.45 am I reached the base of Mahendra Giri. From here it is completely off road towards top.

Welcome to Mahendra Giri.

Coming up in Part Two ….. Sandakphu like off road and trekking route to the Top.
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