"Maheshwar & Mandu"


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8) Reva Kund
An artificial lake built by Baz Bahadur for the supply of water to Roopmati Pavilion.


9). Baz Bahadur Palace


The entrance of Baz Bahadur mahal, from the road.


Some ruins at the other end of Sagar Talao, which has many monuments like Dai Ka Mahal, Carvan - Sarai, etc. which I missed.

I came back to hotel at around 8:00pm. The room was shabby and it did not interest me going in the room. There was no TV, neither proper light to read any book. Rather, I wandered the streets of the market, which was again boring, followed by dinner.
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It took me 15 minutes to reach Rani Roopmati Pavilion. I parked my motorcycle at the base and started walking towards the building. There were at least 200+ people on the top, waiting for sunset around 4:30pm, before time. I did not bothered to go up, so found a small place to rest beside the building and waited for the sun to set.
The place was beautiful and high, overlooking the entire Mandav and river Narmada with 2 huge ponds to the south.

7) Rani Roopmati Pavilion

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Looking North
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Looking south towards Narmada River(Not visible in the frame)
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Baz Bahadur Mahal from Roopmati Pavilion
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DAY 3 :

Woke up at 5am and took a cold bath. Within 15 minutes I decided to return home, instead of going to Ujjain, which was initial plan. Sigh! I still regret, because I had 2 days of leaves pending.

10) Andha ka Mahal & Andhi ka Mahal .
I stopped here when I saw beautiful sunrise and this was where I decided to turn back at 6:30am. Took a halt in Mandu itself for refreshment at MPTDC hotel.


Andha & Andhi ka Mahal, located on Dhar road.


Entering MH :Hangman:


Igatpuri Range from NH3 at ~3pm

Mahuli pinnacles as seen from Shahapur on NH3 at ~4pm.

Reached home at 5:30pm.
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