Mahindra Mojo


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@sahil, is that a mirror-ed image?

BTW, did anyone notice the rear grab rails? Doesn't seem to be at the right place. Unless the pillion sits sideways.


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It lacks quite a lot on the design front. I wonder where they get their design engineers from!!!

By the way I think Mojo is headed the Logan way. Logan didn't sell and Mahindra was giving a decent discount to all Mahindra group employees on Logan.
baggu, the mahindra sports a classic triumph inspired design. M&M just screwed it up with an uninspired local corner spare parts shop add on headlamps. Do check the original Malaguti MR250.

The Logan was never really given a chance to sell in India. M&M ran into speed breakers right from the start with Renault holding talks with other manufacturers about setting up shop here. M&M lost confidence in Renault and never promoted the Logan. However the brief period that the Logan was promoted, saw almost all taxi operators purchase Logans by the dozen, esp. here in Bangalore.


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This is one ugly machine not worth atleast 1.75 lac.

A twin cylinder, producing 35Bhp+ with meaty tank would have done the trick. I am disappointed with this strange looking piece of metal.


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a twin cylinder would have been a better proposition at tht high price, 1.75 ex is too steep.
with tht sissy 15L tank and 300cc engine it wouldn't go beyond ~350 kms on tank full.


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with tht sissy 15L tank and 300cc engine it wouldn't go beyond ~350 kms on tank full.
Even motorcycles like Yamaha R1(998cc) have a tank that carries not more than 18 liter of petrol.

A Bullet 350 also does not come with a tank larger than 14.5 liters from the company.

I think that could be because the larger tank(with fuel in it) affects the performance and weight balance during cornering. I had heard that even Pulsar now came with a smaller fuel tank. [earliest models had tank as large as 18 liter]


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^Right. I have never used bullet, whats the economy on that? these guys say mojo gives 25kmpl (i suppose that is under test conditions). On roads and especially on highways if it crashes down to 20kmpl, every 300kms would require a tankfill. Its a negative for me.

R1 :grin: cant compare sir.