Mahindra Mojo


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OT :: I recently met a rajasthani friend, and it was funny to note that "Mojo" in some part of rajasthan is refered to "Socks"
Yes, we Marwari's call socks Moja/Mojo :grin:

Guys, sorry for bumping an old thread, but I read somewhere today that the 'Mouja' ;-) will be launched by Diwali ... almost a year later than originally expected.

Think it'll still do well? :)
Lol, I rather doubt. Let them get over the nightmare that was/is "Stallio"

Mahindra's bike 'Stallio' production drops 81 pc in 3 months - Economic Times

Read somewhere that they have gone back to the drawing board regarding basic design problems with Stallio.

Forget Mojo a high-end bike, they can't even produce a 110cc bike lol.


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It is quite funny how Mahindra handled this , a simple market research..hell an hour or two on bcmtouring would have been useful to catch the pulse of the junta.


Got a news today Mojo will be priced less then R15 :)
and Mahindra Stallio to be relaunched soon 1st Stallio then Mojo

News Source: The guy who is official test rider for Mahindra Bikes


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Had a chance to talk to a Mahindra Mojo test rider in Koksar. As per him the bike in pics is the production ready stuff.
Looks neat - Pirelli tyres, Paioli shocks..