Majestic Mewar : Udaipur-Chittorgarh-Kumbhalgarh


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We had a family trip to Kerala back in September 2018. After our Kerala trip, the entire 2019 was dry in terms of travel and tourism. I and my Chennai based cousin were constantly in touch with each other to plan a trip. He had a family trip to Sikkim and was under the intoxication of mountains. We came very close to finalize a trip to Spiti back in OCT2019, however, due to some unavoidable circumstances, it didn't get materialized.

We bought our Ertiga back in OCT2019. We wanted to plan a family trip by Ertiga. We did some one-day trips like SOU visit, Pavagadh, Hathni falls, Jambughoda, etc. However, those one-day trips were not enough to satisfy my(our) travel bug.

Statue Of Unity.

Pavagadh .



This situation was making me restless. Normally, we do two or three major trips in a year. A trip-less 2019 was irritating me. I just kept thinking about different locations and trips in my mind the entire year. This time my cousin was also involved in daydreaming and planning hypothetical trips. He suggested planning a two or three days trip with Family during the Christmas holidays. He also came up with a location suggestion. It was a good idea, Christmas week was an ideal time to plan a 4-day trip. The suggested location was Udaipur. Initially, we planned to have a family trip with our parents in two cars. However, due to some other commitments, our parents had to back out. And once again, our trip was facing the threat of cancelation.

We came very close to postpone our Udaipur Trip. However, I and my cousin remained firm and declared that we are going to Udaipur. I asked my wife to take leaves during 26-27-28 December. So, finally, the trip to Udaipur started taking shape. We were four adults and one kid, which included my cousin brother and sister, my wife and my 5-year daughter.

A four-day road trip to Udaipur was planed. Parents were out of the equation, so we decided to cover some more places. Normally, people keep Udaipur as their base and visit surrounding places like Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, and Ranakpur. We decided to visit all these places with night stays too. This was our basic initial itinerary.

Day1: 26/12/2019
Start from Hometown Anand at 0400 and Reach Udaipur. Night stay at Udaipur.
Day2: 27/12/2019
Udaipur to Chittorgarh. Night stay at Chittorgarh.
Day3: 28/12/2019
Chittorgarh to Kumbhalgarh. Night stay at Kumbhalgarh.
Day4: 29/12/2019
Kumbhalgarh to Anand.

Another important question was about which vehicle to use. We had three options, MS Brezza, Honda WRV, and MS Ertiga. Due to the nature of Udaipur old city's narrow road, we dropped the idea of taking Ertiga. MS Brezza was an ideal choice due to diesel. However, I decided to take WRV due to its better legroom in rear seats and moreover I wanted to experience WRV for a long trip.

MS Ertiga?

MS Brezza Or WRV?

I always prefer to reach the destination and then search for accommodation. However, I change my rule when my wife and kid are traveling with me. I booked some Hotels from MMT and OYO. I always prefer MMT for hotel bookings. I used OYO first time and paid in advance for Kumbhalgarh. Booking(and paying advance) with OYO turned out to be a big mistake. I" ll talk about that later.

So, finally, the dates of the trip were decided, vehicle finalized and hotel bookings were done. We had one entire week before starting our trip. I used that week to brief my 5-year old daughter about those places. She loved the names of places and the way they rhymed with each other... UdaiPUR...RanakPUR...SajjanGARH...ChittorGARH..Kum bhalGARH.


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Day 1: Anand to Udaipur.

Christmas was a very busy day for us. Friends and family kept visiting us the entire morning and during the afternoon we went for Christmas celebration Garba which went on till night. During that Garba, I reminded my wife that our packing was pending. We rushed back to our home started packing our bags. My cousins arrived at my home at 2300. We wanted to prepare some food but all of us were tired due to a long and active day. All of us went to bed at 2355.

We woke up at 0345. The wife and cousin sister immediately went into the kitchen and started preparing some food. When ladies get into the kitchen, it takes time. I got freshen up, checked the car and got into bed with Ziva for a power nap. At 0430, we were ready to move. We didn't wake Ziva up, we wrapped her in warm clothes and blanket and took her into the car.

Ready to move.

We started for Udaipur at 0430. There are three different routes for Anand to Udaipur. One of the routes going via Kapadvanj-Modasa is shorter. However, I decided to go by NE-1 and Himmatnaar. This route is comparatively longer but has 4-lane roads till Udaipur. We were using a petrol vehicle and petrol rates are higher in Rajasthan( Gujarat petrol rates are 7/- cheaper than Rajsthan). I got a full tank at Reliance bunk on NE and decided to top up once again before getting in Rajsthan to save 7/- per liter.

Full tank at NE.

I downloaded some movies on Netflix and Hotstar on an Android tablet. Moreover, I downloaded some animation movies for Ziva. It was enough to keep ladies in the backroom busy during the long drive. Udaipur to Shamlaji road is under construction, so we were aware that Anand to Udaipur drive going to take more time than the usual 6 hours.

After a while, ladies went to sleep. I even asked my cousin brother at the front seat to sleep. I started cruising with my favorite music and sips of hot green tea. It was amazing driving on an empty NE. 79.98/- per liter rate of petrol in Rajtahn was bothering me. So, I wanted to drive around 80-90 KMPH to get the best mileage. However, the empty road was so tempting, that I convinced myself not to worry that much about fuel cost and enjoy the vehicle and the road. I welcomed the Sun with a different mindset.

Welcome, Sun!

After crossing, Ahmedabad bypass. We stopped at a small dhaba for bio breaks. Ziva woke up, she was surprised to see highway and green fields. After a while, she got familiar with the surroundings and started playing with us.

Green Fields.

Good Morning Ziva.


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Sun was up, Ziva was fully awaked and in her playful mood. Somehow, she spotted a faraway lake. She asked me to take her to the lake. It was far from the highway and there wasn't any connecting road. We went closer to the lake and stopped for a while. It was cold outside the car but everyone was in a good mood to do some photography.

An Unknown Lake.

Observing the Lake.

Ziva with the Lake.

Cousin Sis and Ziva.


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We started driving and crossed Shamlaji. Road widening work was going on at Ahmedabad to the Himmatnaar section, So there was no scope of speeding or even maintaining 80-90 KMPH. Ater Shamlaji, the road widening work was going on and the road was full of diversions.

16 (1).JPG

Frequent Diversions.

After Shamlaji, Aravali mountain range welcomed us. Aravali mountain range is as old as 350 million years, older than the Himalayas. Thus making it the oldest range of Fold Mountains in India. The reason why Rajasthan has so many Marble companies is that the Aravalli Range is rich in minerals such as Marble, Granite, and Sandstone. Apart from that, it also produces commercially viable quantities of minerals such as rock phosphate, lead-zinc-silver mineral deposits at Zawar, etc. Udaipur is surrounded by this gigantic range of mountains.

Shamlaji to Udaipur.

The Gujarat-Rajasthan border is just 25km from Shamlaji. This border region and a village named Ratanpur is well-known for liquor tourism. It is the nearest border(125KM) from Ahmedabad making it the best place to wet their throat for Gujaratis who are the victims of prohibition.

We zoomed passed from that zone and entred in Rajsthan.

Somewhere after entering in Rajsthan


It was almost 1000 in the morning. We were driving for more than 6 hours. Ziva was becoming restless. The road was good and I started cruising at a good speed to reach our hotel as soon as possible.

However, before entering Udaipur, there was a nice Jain temple on the outskirts of Udaipur city. We stopped at that temple for a while to get some morning sun. We finished our homemade breakfast at that temple and rushed to our Hotel.

Jain Temple.

Jain Temple.