Malwan - Road Trip


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A short T-log :

You don't realise or cross check on the status of the desired place, when you plan to visit it. It becomes extremely difficult to deal when you come to know, the same place hosts one of the grand event which attracts lakhs of people, which eventually means mad rush.
  • Anganewadi in Malvan region is more famous for its Bharadi Devi temple and the most popular fair called Anganewadi Jatra which is held annually every year in February.
  • There are many legends about the appearance of the deity in this village of Malvan District. Because of the wish–fulfilling powers of the Goddess, the Goddess has many political leaders and celebrities among her devotees.
  • All the faithful throng to the annual fair.Special buses and passenger vehicles ply from Malvan and Kankavli to Anganewadi.
Long weekends from Mumbai are not the same anymore. With so many people from the city and suburbs visiting getaway locations in Nashik, Pune, Mahabaleshwar and Goa by road, the number of vehicles clogging the state’s national highways has grown manifold with bumper-to-bumper traffic being witnessed on both, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Wherever you go it's jam packed.

But we managed and convinced ourselves to skip the Jatra and visit one of our friend's place in less visited location called Mithbav. The place is located to the south of Devgad and north of Malwan, its more famous for its alphonso mangoes farms.

Mithbav (4)-min.jpg

The route we took was
Day I
Mumbai ( after office) - Pune (night halt) - Satara - Kolhapur - Gaganbawda - Karul Ghat - Vaibhavwadi - Talere - Nandgaon Junction - Dahibav - Mithbav (halt) -: 520kms

Karul ghat - aka Gaganbawda Ghat
Mithbav (11)-min.jpg


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The ghat is partially in good shape until you start descending. NH-66 has lost its charm and has become more notorious in the dark. After a long haul, we reached Mithbav at 8pm. We wasted 20 mins after Nandgaon junction as the cop had caught us for installing extra LeD lights on our motorcycles. Without paying anything and we acknowledged that we would not switch On extra lights in the interior roads. We were more tired due to traffic than the distance.

The beautiful curves. We found this stretch to be more beautiful than Amboli Ghat.
Mithbav (12)-min.jpg

Its always better to halt at a safer spot before or after where there is designated place meant for tourists.
Mithbav (5)-min.jpg

Beautiful and silent house owned by our friend amidst mango trees where we stayed at Mithbav
Mithbav (1)-min.jpg

Mithbav beach.
Mithbav (16)-min.jpg


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The next day was we woke up late and thought of skipping many places which we desired which was basically Malwan.

Pre-Lunch we went down south and relaxed at every place for a long time instead of just touching and coming back before we came back home for lunch. We slept again for an hour. Pre-sunset we headed north towards Kunkeshwar and roamed on the empty sea shore. Absolute solitude. There are new grand MTDC's properties coming up.

Attaching a map and few photographs. Red denotes the places which we experienced.


Mithbav (7)-min.jpg

Mithbav (15)-min.jpg

Kunkeshwar to Devgad road.
Mithbav (10)-min.jpg

Mithbav (17)-min.jpg

Mithbav (20)-min.jpg