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I am starting a new thread here on MAN buses. A step ahead to highlight MAN buses in India.

I visited PAULO MAN service centre situated at Verna, Goa in March this year, i will be sharing exclusive pics of the MAN service centre, also pics of MAN Aerobus clicking by me on various locations.

MAN shined at this year's Bus World India - 2015, held at Mumbai, with the launch of its premium MAN Mammoth Front Engine coach, with body made by MG - ALMA group. MAN is soon launching its Mammoth Multiaxle and Sleeper variant in India

★ PAULO MAN trucks and Bus Service Centre at Verna, Goa ★



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All those spy photos of the MAN 'front-engined bus' (which later became the 'Airobus') undergoing road tests kept many of us, bus fans, excited that the product was going to generate huge orders and that Volvo was at last going to have some serious competition to contend with. But sadly, that was not to be. Other than for operator Paulo, no other operator seems to have evinced interest in the bus. The result was that the Airobus sank to the bottom of the sale charts instead of soaring way above it!!! But now hopes have been re-ignited with the launch of the 'Mammoth'.

Will MAN prove to be successful this time around? Have they got their formula right? Have they taken the correct decision in teaming up with MG-Alma?


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Thanks for starting this thread !
Picture are look beautiful
MAN this manufacturer in India or Germany ?
In Chennai have showroom ?
Please put full specification, seating capacity, engine, fuel, millage etc ....


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MAN started in India with a Joint Venture with Force Motors. They were named as MAN FORCE.

However since 2012, the entire stake of the company is with MAN and the company too has been renamed accordingly.

The Company has its Registered and Corporate office in Pune while the Production plant is at Pithampur which is near Indore. The plant produces both Trucks as well as Bus Chasis.