Manali - Leh road status, 2010

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Yogesh Sarkar

Just like last year, we are starting a dedicated thread for the status Manali - Leh highway for 2010 Ladakh Touring Season.

First post of this thread would be regularly updated with the status of Manali - Leh road, which will be gathered from BCMTians on the ground and various news agencies, to ensure you can get the most accurate and first hand reports about the road conditions and the opening and closing of the Manali - Leh highway.

Current status: Manali - Leh is officially closed for the season.

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on 20 feb 2010.
.....Widening and carpeting work by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) on the Manali-Leh highway, one of the highest motorable road in the world, is in progress between Manali to Kulang, even as the entire upper Manali region is still covered with snow.

Keeping in view the increase in traffic during the tourist season in May and June, the BRO is carrying out the work on a war footing on the Manali-Sarchu road leading to Leh under the NHDL specifications. The 222-km Manali-Sarchu road is maintained by the 38 Task Force (GREF).

source - The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Himachal Pradesh Edition


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As of now, since it snows now and then BRO has not started clearing the Rohtang. Work is expected to start later than last year.
If you remember, last year BRO had said that by mid april rohtang should be open, but then from 15th april to 15th May freak snow spells laid waste to all the plans.
this year. weather is normal. Its snowing when it should snow.
If all goes well, by mid may rohtang should be open, and ditto for the highway to leh.


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I read today somewhere that BRO is working to open the road by 28th April, but the source was missing. :shock:
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