Manali - Leh road status, 2010

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Actually Aircel/Airtel/BSNL work there. However you need post paid for roaming. Pre paid will not roam


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From the reports I am getting (BRO 111 RCC), Baralachala is closed since yesterday morning as there was another avalanche on the night of the 23rd. Did anyone cross yesterday? Please let us know...


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I was planning to head to leh via road in july ,but after hearing avalanche news .I'm bit sacred ? is it the right time to take road or should I go their my plane ?

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Just got a call from Abhijeet, today it rained and snowed at Khardung La and it is quite cloudy in Leh at the moment. Looks like weather is going to play spoilsport for some time to come.


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I dont know what is the fun of spreading rumors that Baralachla Pass has closed again for the traffic ...?

This is for the kind info to all the members and fellas that Baralachla Pass is very much open and all the vehicles are crossing :) but the road condition of the pass is not good so drive carefully !!!

And the weather updates :- it was raining in manali since night till afternoon, but the passes are open and people are crossing and light percipitation is expected in coming 3 days which i guess will not lead to any closure for the roads in all the passes from manali to leh.

Sonia gandhi is coming on 28th, so its not hovac as seen by people here discussing. She will land in morning and sheduled to leave by 1pm ... so in nut shul you can say that road will be closed for traffic from 8am till 1pm, later than that people travelling across rohtang can easily cross, so no issues :)

Wish you all safe journey !

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