Manali - Leh road status, 2010

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At the delhi airport...Just back from Manali-Leh road.....Please don't take the route for another two-three weeks as the road is in a pathetic condition especially the sedans and all....Baralacha is really bad and many cars are breaking down there....Manali-Leh is totally gone this year...Last year it was very good..Hardly 40 Kms pf carpeted road out of the total 480..So be careful there.....


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Hi Friends, finally I am back in Delhi after 15 Days in Heaven.... As far as Manali - Leh highway is considered please do not take that... Even if its open for light vehicles but Baralacha is real bad.... We crossed it on 23rd this month it was real bad. We hit Baralacha around 1:30 PM with 4 bikes and an Innova two bikes managed easily while the remaining bikes required 3 people to push through snow and ice cold water for nearly 200 mts. Innova got struck and it required Army tow truck to pull it off. Even 3-4 Army stallion also got struck in the snow. The temp was below zero, and we spent around 6 hrs at that height. finally bikes cruised their way to Zing Zing bar at around 8 in the evening and Innova reached at 12:30 due KM long jams. It was a horrible day... Even if you are the most daring of the lot please please do not take this route for the next 2-3 weeks... Best of luck to all BCMites

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Hey guys can you pour some tips for handling such conditions...especially the slush and water crossings and snow....i have never driven on snow...what must be do's and dont's...please suggest....i would be driving dZire..and last time in Kinnaur it had rough time tackling slushes 10-12 inches high....

anup sir/tanveer...guys please pour some thoughts of yours as well...
Always keep a tow rope in your car.....will be handy, in case u r stuck in a big river crossing....(Our tow rope has helped us and 6 more vehicles to cross Kangla Jal in 2008)
On snow, don't try to cross it on a 2wd, if the stretch is long and completely icy (I mean no sign of any track); its sensible to wait for a day then being stuck there for a day....
If the stretch shows some signs of track made by other vehicles and you can visibly see that one of the tyres will get slightest of grip, then go ahead on 1st gear,,,the car will sail smooth as one of the front tyres is getting the grip.

Always remember to use the same gear on descent that you used for climbing....speed on icy stretch while descending is your worst enemy.....this becomes more important as the vihicle tends to pick up speed due to sheer momentum of descent..

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Hey guys!
Posting this while sitting in gesmo restaurant sipping hot chocolate. Rode through the manali road, it was raining bad till rohtang paas. The road is in pethetic condition, took me more than 3hours to reach rohtang. Road from sarchu till pang is also not good specially before and after tanglang la.
My breaks are done and side stand broken, have asked a few friends to bring the pads along and will get the stand repaired tomorrow as today is Sunday and everythings closed. Let's hope everything goes well..
Will give next update ASAP!
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