Manali - Leh road status, 2010

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Some newspaper said that the Rohtang pass will be closed on Tuesdays for maintenance or something. Dont recall the source. Could someone please confirm?


Rohtang Pass closed for tourists every Tuesday
Manali, Sep 8, IANS:

The picturesque snow-clad Rohtang Pass in Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district will remain out of bounds for tourists every Tuesday, according to officials.

“Every Tuesday, the Rohtang Pass will be closed for tourists for nine hours from 9 am onwards due to ongoing widening work on the National Highway-21 that goes through the pass,” Kullu Deputy Commissioner B M Nanta said.

Only emergency and government vehicles, including Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) buses, will be allowed to cross the Rohtang Pass on Tuesday, he added. “The tourist vehicles from Manali would be stopped at Kothi (about 30 km from Manali) and would be allowed to proceed towards the Rohtang Pass only after 6 pm.

“It (the Rohtang Pass) would remain out of bounds for tourists till the completion of the widening work of roads,” the official said. The Rohtang Pass, which is 52 km from here, is a major attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.

According to the tourism department, over 150,000 tourists, mainly from Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Gujarat, have been to the Rohtang Pass since its reopening in April this year. For more than six months, the Rohtang Pass remains cut off from the rest of the country due to heavy snowfall.

Source Rohtang Pass closed for tourists every Tuesday


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Dear Aryagill ji,

No, not Keylong, it is advisable to stay at Manali to cross the Rohtang Pass next day as early as possible in the morning i.e. before 8 AM otherwise you will surely stuck in the long Jam at many places created by the vehicles of thousands of tourists who go to Rohtang Pass to enjoy the snow point in the morning and return in the evening. Again no, not direct to Leh in one go reason being one has to acclimatize his body to gain heights so at least one stay is essential between Manali and Leh coze the Tanglangla Pass is 17582 Fts. which can creat problem of high altitude sickness, so it is better to stay either at Sarchu or Pang in tents.

Wishing you a safe and pleasant journey.

Top Singh Bodh.

hello mr singh .
thanks for the valuable advice . we will surely keep in mind these points during trip thanks.

Arya Gill


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Hi Arya!
How are you planning to go any from where?
it is not possible to do delhi -keylong in one stretch.
what we are doing is that we are leaving from delhi in night and the next day we are halting at manali, then next norning from manali to sarchu, and then sarchu to leh...
the way are planning it would be too cramped. doing a keylong-leh stretch would be difficult as u will be stopping to click pictures, natures call, food. so doing a 350 km stretch would be difficult.
Always keep a tow rope in your car.....will be handy, in case u r stuck in a big river crossing....(Our tow rope has helped us and 6 more vehicles to cross Kangla Jal in 2008)
On snow, don't try to cross it on a 2wd, if the stretch is long and completely icy (I mean no sign of any track); its sensible to wait for a day then being stuck there for a day....
If the stretch shows some signs of track made by other vehicles and you can visibly see that one of the tyres will get slightest of grip, then go ahead on 1st gear,,,the car will sail smooth as one of the front tyres is getting the grip.

Always remember to use the same gear on descent that you used for climbing....speed on icy stretch while descending is your worst enemy.....this becomes more important as the vihicle tends to pick up speed due to sheer momentum of descent..

My 2 cents..!!
Thanks a lot alok....
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