Manali - Leh road status, 2010

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Juley and dhanyawaad Top Ji

My tentative plan is to start on 18th June to 8th July. These seem to be safe enough dates. But I know nothing can be said certainly. Looking fwd to your updates.
Dear Top Singh Ji ..Juley..

Thanks a lot for sharing these pics and video. God is adding charm to the beauty of valley by giving lots of snow.

Thanks again for all your contribution and efforts.

Wish to meet you soon....
Thanks, nice conversation...Yes, sure will meet..Juley...

Juley and dhanyawaad Top Ji

My tentative plan is to start on 18th June to 8th July. These seem to be safe enough dates. But I know nothing can be said certainly. Looking fwd to your updates.
Let us see but I think the dates are Okay..Juley..
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Juley Topsingh ji,

This is my first post on this forum...I have been reading ur updates frm a long time now..n i would like to thank you for the amazing contribution at BCMT..



Not exactly this area but nevertheless.
As much as Manali is getting snow, even the Narkanda-Kufri region got lotsa snow again.
Taken today -

HP sure is under loads of snow :)


It is cloudy here in Kullu-Manali and Rohtang. The Solang snow point has about 1.5 Fts. of snow so the tourists are enjoying the Gandola, Ski, paragliding, snow scooter, Mule riding, Snowboarding etc. The road from Manali to solang and Kothi are open for vehicles.

The State level Winter Carnival is being organised by the Distt. Administration, Mountaineering Institute and Manu Club Manali from 23.1.11 to 27.1.11 and The Honble Chief Minister H.P. is visiting Manali for its opening ceremony so the Manali is full of tourists now. Juley..


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I am from Visakhapatnam and intend to visit leh with my family, wife and two children aged 18F & 11M, in the last week of May’2011. The school holidays are from 14thMay’11 to 14th June’2011. I am planning tour for 22 days. I want to do both the safaries, i.e. srinagar-leh and manali-leh as I have heard that both r awesome in their own ways. I want to know which direction I should choose to ensure that the roan is open for tourists.
Tentatively, I planned my tour from 22nd May’2011 hoping that the road will be open on both sides by 1st week of June’11. I have two options:
Route 1(anti-clockwise):
22-05-11: Fly from Visakhapatnam to Delhi.
26-05-11: Reach Shimla via Kalka (Toy train)
27-05-11: Local tour at Shimla
28-05-11: Reach Manali
29-05-11: 2 days stay at Manali
31-05-11: Manali to Leh (2days bus journey)
01-06-11: Reach Leh and stay for 4 nights.
04-06-11: Leh to Srinagar (2days bus journey)
06-06-11: 2 days stay at Srinagar
08-06-11: Srinagar to katra;
09-06-11: visit Vaishnodevimata temple
10-06-11: Reach Amritsar via Jammu
11-06-11: Amritsar to Delhi
12-06-11: Fly from Delhi to Visakhapatnam.
Route 2(clockwise):
If I perform my journey clockwise covering same places and duration of stay, i.e., DELHI-AMRITSAR-JAMMU-KATRA-SRINAGAR-LEH-MANALI-SHIMLA-DELHI, I would be leaving Srinagar to Leh by 3rd June’10.

My question is, which high way opens first? Manali to Leh or Srinagar to Leh ?
Is 31st May ’11 a safe date to plan my Leh journey from Manali?
or 3rd June’11 would be more appropriate from Srinagar to go ahead to Leh?

Please advice me dates to plan from Manali-Leh & Srinagar-Leh so that I will adjust my dates. And also let me know, Is it safe to travel with my children 18F & 11M? You can suggest me to leave/add some places in my plan.

Thank U.


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seems this year kunzum gonna take extra time to open coz of lots of snow ans mind it people its just jan and it will snow atleast till 15th may so heavy pouring good ofor nature mother.

me planning spiti lh this yar hope roads gets clear till mid jun.

Top singh ji i m from hamirpur and would love to exchange phone numbers with you messaging you my number :)
It is pleasant today as the sun is shining on the Manali-Leh road but due to cold weather the snow is not melting from the road. The road from Manali to Kothi for the villagers of Kothi and Manali to Dhundhi (south portal of Rohtang Tunnel) is clear for vehicles so the tourists are going to the snow point of Solang. The Hon'ble Chief Minister will also visit Solang on 23rd. Jan. for opening ceremony of the State Level Winter Carnival skiing competitions. About 150 teams/Organisations from the different part of the country are to participate in the Winter Carnival Cultural and Sports activities from 23 to 27 Jan. this year. Juley..
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