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Hello everyone, I have missed the bus fanning sessions especially Mumbai - Mangalore buses. I had gone to Thailand for my honeymoon. We traveled from Bangkok to Krabi and then Krabi - Phuket and Krabi - Bangkok via bus as planes were not convenient. I have shared some of the pics of the buses we traveled in.

Bangkok bus stand our BKK-Krabi bus below being docked with refreshments and luggage. There are private as well as govt operated buses. Mostly double deckers and you can choose from a line of bus operators as per your price. The bus had a toilet and TV's. We were suprised when offered with snacks and other refreshments along with the usual blanket and water bottle. Really nice service. But then again depends on operator to operator. These buses have a digital clock and digital speedometer on the upper deck as well just FYI.
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The dinner Halt. As you can see the colourful buses. Unfortunately couldn't click good pictures as in a foreign country so don't know how much time I have and had to order food where I don't understand the food. :D
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Krabi- Phuket bus just a 2 hour journey hence normal buses AC though. View attachment 742097
Another beauty at Krabi bus stand
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Our last bus Phuket- Bangkok. Although similar to our first bus, it didn't provide the same service as the first one. Like i said operator to operator.
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I hope to see more Mumbai Mangalore bus reviews. Thanks a lot
Thank you for sharing your experience of Bus travel in South East Asian Countries. You should have created a separate thread so that people could have added their inputs.

Especially when you look at the buses plying Singapore - KL; I feel the Indian buses have to still mature further and there is huge scope to do so.
Simple bus layout in India we are gaga be in Scania or Volvo!


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Hey I just thought of something. Since this is Mumbai Mangalore bus group. How about we plan a trip from Mumbai to mangalore on different buses to sort of get different reviews and experience and enjoy as well.
What is so special to you about the Mumbai - Mangalore buses?
There are no proper Mangalore ownership buses being ply on this route now! Like Ballal or CPC. Due to train service, the number of buses have dropped significantly.
Well seeing that you have a thread for Mumbai to Mangalore bus experiences there certainly is. As you mentioned there are fewer buses that is not entirely true. Competition has made many of them back out. CPT, Anand, Vishal have been the popular travels for this route. Check the expansion of CPT now and the range of their buses. Many other travels have also joined in like Reshma, Sheethal, Sugama etc. I like this route because it is on the konkan route and like Goa does not have expressways all the way through. It has a very scenic route and when your just on expressway like the pune expressway and others it just isnt as much as fun as in NH highways due to the narrower roads compared to the expressway and the overtaking. Well that's my Point of view which I shared.


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I stumbled on this news:
Get on the magic bus

Pasting the content:
The story of private bus services in Mangaluru is a long and chequered one
This city would not have been what it is today had it not been for privately-run buses. People are nostalgic remembering their rides in luxurious buses from Mangaluru to Bengaluru back in 1960s.

Privately-run bus services were started in 1914 in Mangaluru. Unfortunately there was no celebration on completing a century in 2014. Jayakumar Sheka, an elder in the industry said, “The year went by quietly, not because of lack of enthusiasm but other factors were in play. Yes we missed that window but the spirit of private enterprise in public transportation has not waned.”

The history of Indian mechanised private road transport somehow misses the developments that has taken place in Mangaluru. The historians of Indian mechanised bus transport quote the development in Calcutta bus transport system of 1931, but nowhere is there a mention of mechanised bus transport in Mangaluru.

“My family started the first motorised transport in 1914 when the bus imported from England ran between Mangaluru and Buntwal,” says Vasanth Kudva, whose family pioneered private bus transport in Mangaluru with the company Canara Public Conveyance (CPC). “My father, Srinivas Kudva, said he had seen the bus in action when he was young. It carried not more than 30 people at full capacity.” Shankar Vittal, Sri Manjunatha Motor Service from Udupi, Hanuman Transport Company Limited, Ballal Motor Service, Misquith Motor Service, PV Motor Transport and Bharat Motor Company soon joined the fray.

“In 1962, Ballal Motors launched its Mangaluru-Mumbai service,” says Jayakumar Sheka one of the main transport operators in Mangaluru. “It was India’s first long distance service by a private transport company. This built the confidence of operators who later began many long-distance routes including a Mangalore-Bangalore service.”

“Our company started the Mangalore-Bombay service when Pope John Paul came to Bombay in 1962,” Rajavarma Ballal, President of the State Bus Owners Federation said. “The route was an instant hit and proved that buses can run for over 2,000 km on a round trip between Mangalore and Bombay. This opened up the Karnataka-Maharashtra bus route. More operators such as Ghatge Patil, Stanley Motor Transport Corporation and Silverline launched their super deluxe services between the two cities. The CPC launched the superfast Dodge buses with push back seats and a new generation of engines, called rocket engine.”

There is no doubt that the great strides in private enterprises on the coast was partly due to private transportation, the ease of movement was one of the factors that propelled development in medical tourism, education, industry and tourism.

“As a third generation bus operator, I have felt the changes happening in the society due to efficient and affordable transport facility in the region,” says Aziz Parthipady. “Students, office goers, traders, workers and just about anybody who commuted could do so in comfort and in time.”

The companies Shankar Vittal and CPC switched from solid rubber tyres to pneumatic tyres as early as 1920. Among the several firsts in the industry, the dark window shutters, the on-board water dispenser, stereo music, push-back seats and night travel between Mangaluru and Bengaluru were introduced by the big four namely Ballal, Stanley, Silverline and CPC.

The centenary year went by quietly. Yes we missed that window but the spirit of private enterprise in public transportation has not waned

Jayakumar Sheka

A wheel deal


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Truly as said; Mangalore missed an opportunity to celebrate centenary of Bus introduction in India.
The first service was: Mangalore - Bantwal by CPC.
Then next recorded was: Mangalore - Karkala - Udupi by Shankar Vittal - Mercedes Benz bus. One of these buses was later gifted by Shankar Vittal to Manipal medical college and this was my school bus!


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Atleast 2022; one need to celebrate the diamond jubilee celebration for long distance buses! One should not miss it!