Mangan - Sikkim Queries.


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We will be visiting Sikkim in late October'17 for 20 days. We are six of us. Please guide me to Sikkim travelogues of Mangan+Lachen area in NE T-log section, if any. Although I tried but found only few. But before that, help me in recommending accommodation at two places, Mangan & Lachen.

Mangan : 2 days in the beginning of the trip and 1 day at the end of the trip.
  • As I don't rely on Google maps much and considering other circumstances(taxis and lunch), is it possible to reach Mangan from Bagdogra airport in one day if I land at 3:00pm.
  • Recommend me some good hotels, by the/close to road but with a good view of peaks(if possible). I have mentioned road because, we are going for a trek and would be shuffling from market/logistics/supplies, etc for 2-3 days within Mangan itself.
Lachen : 2 days again.
  • Any possibility of phone network here? If yes, which one. If no, which card should we carry.
  • A good budget hotel again by the/closet to road.
Any other advice will be welcome. Thank you in advance.
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