Mannat Home Stay, Bairagarh

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I reached Bairagarh at 3 pm and wanted to rest very badly.

For stay, Biragarh has two options. There is a hotel named Chamunda Hotel. I checked the room and it was good. But he was asking for 1500 and then came down to 1200. But being on a budget, I wasn't going to pay 1200 for a night's stay. I decided to check Mannat Homestay which is less of a homestay and more of a budget hotel. I got a room for 400 and for the price, it is good. Had clean toilet, minus the geyser. They also have their own kitchen/food shop and one can have tea/maggie/lunch/dinner.

I was extremely tired after riding for 303kms on R15 with the last 100kms approx. of bumpy roads. Checked into my room, had tea and slept for a couple of hours. Woke up in the evening by noises coming from outside. There were some 6-7 Tata sumo with workers of a political party. They were boozing around the hotel.
I got up and asked for a maggie and a cup of tea and then roamed around the village. Took some photographs and then returned to my room. Dinner was a simple rajma chawal. For those who want chicken etc, there is a stall nearby.

View from the roof of Mannat Homestay


Beautifully stacked rocks on the roof

This is Mannat Homestay


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