Map: Ladakh & Zanskar (All routes)

Tried to combine all existing route maps of the Ladakh & Zanskar region into one umbrella for our reference. I hope it would be useful for others as well. The Nubra + Chanthang part already existed on this thread.

Adding everything that is west of Leh. There are further routes that could still be mapped on this one, however instead of making everything in one go, I would prefer to share a non-finalized map.

Right click the below Ladakh and Zanskar Map and save the image file to view in higher resolution, since resolution is scaled according to screen resolution.

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Excellent work Harsh !!

I know the map is not complete, but request you to add these places whenever you get time

1. Hamboting La (On Kargil - Batalik - Leh route)

2. Daulat Ol Begi (don't know where, maybe tsk can tell)

3. Tyakshi (I guess 4 or 6 kms from Turtuk) One can go there after taking special permission from I guess its the Bihar Regiment.

4. Also would be good to include Manali to Zing Zing Bar section so people know they have to cross the Rohtang monster :p

Cheers !