Map: Nubra Valley + Changthang (Ladakh)


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Yerep Tso apparantely is also called Lo Bame Tso. Yarab Tso seems is the same. :rolleyes:

From net- "This lake is considered “Holy” because no one knows where the water rises from."

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Where is Nishchaya....BULAO... :D


Where is Nishchaya....BULAO... :D
3 post peeche dekh lo bhai, the picture that I posted was of Yarab Tso. It is just 400 meters off the road that goes to Panamik. The lake is small, very ordinary, full of algae and silt. It looks good only in pictures. Though the locals consider it very sacred and nobody touches the water. IMO it isn't worth visiting if you're short with time.


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:D All the pics available, including yours are shot from the same angle.

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Chalo yahin baithe baithe darshan karane k liye dhanyawaad dosto! Wont go now. :D


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Oh teri, It seems I have visited this place afterall. It was so inconsequential that I'd forgotten about it entirely :D. You can find more about this here.
LOL, I remember reading about it in your log, but then deciding not to waste time on it, because it seemed so forgettable. Guess I was right. We can call it Forgotten Tso :p


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how do you open this file and take a print if need be. have a mac, do i need a specific software

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hi, can you help me download this map for reference as i would be going around the 10th of sept. if you could mail it to me on [email protected] would be highly appreciable.
Hi Aarin. Just do a right click and download the image on the first page(a jpg file). Print it as any other jpg file that you have ever printed.
Harsh high mundane stuff. Cheers man.
I was trying to build up such a map then found yours and decided good that I havnt wasted my time when its already available ;) :lol: :rock: