Marsimek Camps, Pangong Tso


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Re: Ladakh in May'13

Marsimek Camps, Pangong
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Shop No. 17, Gompa Shopping Complex, leh, Ladakh

Having braved a storm at ChangLa, we were upbeat with the idea of staying at the shores of Pangong, despite Rigzin's repeat request to go back to Tangste.
When you reach Pangong, the first camping settlement is the Marsimek Camp and was the only camp with brick and cement rooms when we went there in May '13.
The whole place has about 18 tents and 6 rooms as of now. The rooms, made of concrete, are big enough to accommodate a double bed, a small wooden table and some restricted walking space. Has a window which gives superb views of the lake. Also has an attached bathroom with western toilet and running water. Wonderful, isn't it? Hot water is provided in buckets.
The price quoted for a room with a double bed (to be used by 3 people) was Rs. 3600 including breakfast.
Rigzin knew the manager and a little bargaining got us to Rs. 2500 for 3 people, including dinner and breakfast.
Food was a welcome break from the usual. It was a full 5 course meal buffet in a tented dining room. The menus didn't have aalo gobhi (thankfully) and the breakfast menu was toasts and oatmeal! :eek: The dining room had a heater and tv. Superb!

Overnight we experienced a snow blizzard and sleep came hard. It got very cold that night but the room and the extra quilts did a good job.
A family in the adjoining room were probably sharing a common room between 6 people. And the manager was okay with it. So not a bad deal really.
The place can be booked from Leh. Electricity is 7-11pm.

Although the cold was unbearable, the camps are certainly a good place to stay, if you want to stay at the shores. The place will certainly get expensive in the season, something like 3000 for 2 people but its well worth it. Easily recommended