Maruti may launch Suzuki Jimny in India : Excited


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This is a fantastic car. Small. Rugged. True 4x4. Great for India. If Maruti makes it in India, should be affordable as well.

The Suzuki Jimny. I have seen this car in Europe and looks very cool.



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Supposed to be very good at offroading...if you want small...maybe that is a factor...I see them now and again [in S.Africa], there was one in the parking yard at my work. But most people want Toyota...and so to carry stuff with you, luggage, water...


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The Gypsy was based on the Jimny. This was done for the Indian market. I doubt Suzuki would now launch the Jimny in India. It is too small and very uncomfortable (ride quality). Indians will not buy it in numbers that would justify production.
(I used a Gypsy hard top for 7 years back in the day).