Maybe Ford has the best customer service, or not? Got faulty tyres changed by Ford.


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It all started with my visit to Ford Service centre in Lucknow. While I was waiting for my turn to talk to the service manager, a guy came up to me and asked, is this the top model of ecosport? I said yes. Well, I was happy, and honestly, I have always been on bikes so car talks do not excite me much. However, that guy told me that there is some problem in the tyres of Ecosport top model , 17 inch alloys. The problem was that the tyres burst.

At that time, i just thought that he is delivering gyaan and I should just go about my business and went back to my home. Got the car delivered in the evening, all good. However, I could not let go of the words spoken to me by that guy at the service centre. He came with his Ecosport too, not the top model. He told me that he did not purchased top model because of the 17 inch alloy wheels since the 17 inch alloy wheels have problems.

I started researching online that night and came up with number of news articles and rants by people who have claimed that the tyres have problems with them.

Ford EcoSport Facelift: Tyre bulging issue (R17 size) - Team-BHP

Problem of using 17 Inch Alloys in Ford Ecosport Titanium Plus Model

Ford Ecosport 17-inch Ecopia tyre bulge issue resolved

Ford India replacing all problematic tyres on new EcoSport for free

And there are many other links online which have reported this issue.

However, since I had not faced any problems, I thought, what the heck, reading all this will just put more doubts in my mind. So I stopped my research. The car is used by my wife for her daily office commute so I chose not to tell her about this problem since I did not wanted her to panic or have doubts.

Some days later, I started the car and saw 0 tyre pressure in rear left tyre in the TPMS indicator. First thing that came to my mind was, maybe all those links online were true. I got the tyre changed with spare, and came back and researched more. I decided not to tell wife again.

Can you believe it, one week later, front left tyre bulged and cracked open , just like the previous tyre, exactly as described in the online links that I have read.

Fortunately, both the times, it happened when the car was parked and I discovered it while I was getting the car out of house in morning.

I asked my wife to go to her office by cab and told her about the problem. I then called FORD as well the service centre where I go in Lucknow. Got the tyre mended by 11 strips, drove quite slow and got the service centre manager to look at it. They inspected it and changed the tyres, telling me that since the tyres are under warranty, they will change it.

I asked, what about the remaining three tyres which have not burst yet, but they can in future since the problem lies in the tyres themselves. The service centre manager told me that they will call Ford and that I have nothing to worry about. That's what I wanted to hear. Nothing to worry about. I came back to my home.

But then, I could not let go of the thought what if the tyre burst happens while my wife is en-route her office, plenty of what ifs started coming to my mind. I waited for two days and called Ford Service again and asked them what is the status of my request to change the remaining three tyres. I was told that Ford has denied it and said that they can only change the tyres if there is any damage.

The first thought that came to my mind was to take a knife and rip open all the three tyres. I went for Ecosport because of all the cars that are in that price range, I felt it to be most sturdy and safe. I took the top model to have airbags for everyone. I decided I will talk to Ford myself and sort this thing out.

I emailed Ford, with all the links and even the link of a family who died because of the tyre burst issue.

here is the link

Ford EcoSport Tyre Burst On Nizamabad Highway — Proves Fatal For All Passengers!

I drive so safe that even when I give indicator to change lanes, I make sure that the car's high beam is not on. It makes it difficult for someone coming from front to see the indicator. Yes, I drive with high beams on because no matter how many times I have tried to drive with low beam, I always get blinded by someone coming from opposite direction with low beam. Point is, I try to cover every possible base that can get me into an accident.

Well, I received reply from Ford, here is the screenshot of it.

So, Ford told me to drive with confidence.

I then emailed again, telling them that "is this the best you could do? Advise us to drive with confidence?"

I then searched for emails of every ford executive that I could find and emailed them, but got no reply. I mean, I went to Linked in and even put in CC , Ford people from US. Well, seems once I was allowed to drive with confidence, their responsibility was over.

I was feeling helpless, trust me, it felt like I should have been a lawyer and I should pursue cases against Ford. Lots of random thoughts come in mind, how to make Ford acknowledge and change the tyres. I mean they have changed the two tyres before, they can do it for the other three too.

So, I then collected snail mail addresses of every regional Ford Office and made a list. I then lodged a complaint on , jaago graahak jaago and took printouts of everything. Made a thick packet of very email correspondence that I had with Ford, all the news links printed, and the copies of the complaints that I have lodged against Ford.

They were 8 packets in total and I speed posted them using our India Post.

Well, 6 days later, I received a call from Ford Service Centre in Lucknow and was told that they will change all the tyres. I told them that the car is with my wife and she is in her office. I can bring the car on Sunday, but the service people insisted that they are sending someone to pick up the car right away and they will return it at my home. Well, they even offered to pay for the cab fare for my wife since she will have to a take a cab from office to home.

So, yes, got all the tyres changed. received so many calls from Ford Service centre asking for feedback. I received no further communications from FORD, neither calls nor emails.

So, if someone here faces any problems with any car manufacturer, maybe this will help.

Took me around 12 days to get this fixed.

Rohit Kothari

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Have been using a Ford Ecosport Titanium Plus model, but it is almost a couple of years old, and never faced a problem with the tire. But all is well that ends well. Good thing is Ford agreed to change the tires. Otherwise all the companies prefer taking customer for a ride. I got taken for a ride by Honda cars. And there are people who had been harassed by all the companies you can name.
Good thing though, they fixed it in 12 days.


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Wouldn’t the tyre warranty be covered by the tyre manufacturer?

Yep, maybe Ford asked the tyre manufacturer (Bridgestone) to replace the tyres. I just asked Ford.

The issue was, tyres are changed under warranty if they are damaged. Here they were just bursting up. I couldn't waited for the other three tyres to burst before they were considered for replacement. They told me that some series DSS was faulty and they fitted with DKK series. They also told me that the previous series was faulty, not Ford, the service centre people.


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Having used Ford Figo for 8 years, I would say their chennai customer desk is very active is handling complaints. But that doesn't mean they resolve to client's satisfaction.

There was a known issue of Figo engine stalling at high speeds and it was well documented in TBHP and other sites. I faced the same issues and the ford chennai team said all fine and drive confidently.

Since engine stalling at high speed cannot be taken lightly since the brakes and steering locks and the car goes out of control. From TBHP, I got the service bulletin number issued by Ford to service centre to upgrade the ECU and forced the dealership to upgrade the ECU of my car.

However what expected from Ford was they should call the cars which have these issues and get them repaired/rectified but this entire excercise was done by myself and I forced them to Upgrade ECU while these were asking me to drive confidently.

India doesn't have Class Action Suites else the company could have been taken to task with penalties of millions dollars for this safety hazard. It is only a handful of people who go into these fine details the way you and myself explored, rest keep driving the car as it is.

However I am certainly sure that had it been Maruti or Hyundai, the service handling would have been even worse ...


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That's correct. There is least accountability when it comes to these manufacturers. Maruti was always out of question, be it their cars or their service centres. I asked to test drive Brezza once before I finalised Ecosport, and I was told that if you want to ride it, you will have to buy it. I mean, the attitude of people in Maruti showrooms is like they are doing us a favour by selling cars.

I read up about the engine stalling issue on TBHP and one of the persons in Hyderabad ( I guess, can't rem) got FORD to change the engine itself. He didn't write about it (if he did, I don't know), I came to know about it when someone posted about him in the forum as a reply for someone seeking info on how to tackle this problem.

Busted: Maruti Baleno sent for service, gets only a car wash and nothing else - Owner had a camera installed

Someone posted a video of the service done on their car, and in the name of service, the service centre just washed the car.

I have had some troubling experiences with Ford service too. The TPMS malfunctioned and I left my car three times in their service centre to take care of it. However, every time, when the car was sent back to me, the TPMS malfunction occurred again. I had to literally force them to check with their fancy toys what was wrong. They upgraded the software, opened and closed doors several times ( don't know if it is a routine checkup for TPMS malfunction or they were just bored and wanted to have some fun by wasting time). After around two hours of checking, I asked them to check the spare and it turned out, some moron there had fitted the spare tyre in the rear left wheel. That's what caused the TPMS malfunction. TPMS is not available in the spare tyre.

When I went to their service director ( fancy designation) and told this, he called everyone and scolded. Well, then the service manager and the technician told me that I should call them for any sort of discomfort and before I come to the service station so that they are in a better position to service us. I told them,"thanks but I won't ever come to this service station again." They convinced me lots and also asked me to rate them when the call from FORD comes. I rated them 0 on all accounts when the call came afterwards. Maybe it didn't made any difference to the service centre but then I couldn't let it go too.

What irritated me was the callous attitude of people there. We just want to drive our cars safely. How hard it is for service centre people to cater to this?

Thanks to online forums like these, one can gather information and actually take a stand. People, including me, are not so much informed about the mechanics of a car.

Class action suites in India? Maybe that can be next fiction novel of John Grisham. :)


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Hi ,

I am also facing the issues with Ecopia tires and Ford has already rejected my complaint . Now , I am planning to do the same thing as you did and it would be awesome if you could please reply to my questions , thanks in advance :-

1) Did you posted everything to all the offices of Ford or just registered office.
2) Do you have the links handy which i can also print and send.
3) I am scared of these ecopia and really want them to be replaced , I have filed a petition too on with 170+ supporters but that also didnot helped me get my tires replaced and hence i am counting on you as my last resort. Thanks.


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Hi ,

I am also facing the issues with Ecopia tires and Ford has already rejected my complaint . Now , I am planning to do the same thing as you did and it would be awesome if you could please reply to my questions , thanks in advance :-

1) Did you posted everything to all the offices of Ford or just registered office.
2) Do you have the links handy which i can also print and send.
3) I am scared of these ecopia and really want them to be replaced , I have filed a petition too on with 170+ supporters but that also didnot helped me get my tires replaced and hence i am counting on you as my last resort. Thanks.

I posted everything to all the offices in India, of Ford. I believe there are 6 or 7.

i felt helpless and trust me, if you are willing to see it through, you will.

we have spent more than 12 lakhs on this car and be bold when you approach them. Dont request, ask them to do it.