McCluskieganj - The Forgotten Anglo-Indian Hamlet


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Day 0 : March 22, 2019

McCluskieganj always had a charm of its own as it is located on the Chhotonagpur plateau. But its scenic beauty remained elusive because of Maoists’ presence. As the situation has improved now, we planned a short visit there after the Holi. Shaktipunj express, the direct train from Kolkata, reaches there at an inconvenient time. So we boarded Kriya-yoga express for Ranchi on the night of March 22, 2019. There was nothing special about the journey, except that it started late by more than half an hour.

Day 1 : March 23, 2019


Sunrise over the Hindalco works near Muri railway station

The engine was reversed at Muri, and the real journey started thereafter. It was a hilly terrain; the train meandered through it with red palash (flame of the forest) trees waiving at us from both sides, the chill in the air – all these elevated our holidaying mood. Flame of the forest is the state flower of Jharkhand; and it seemed that nature was playing Holi with us.


Some shots from the fast moving train



A good day cannot be started without good tea. After savouring several cups of tea in front of Ranchi railway station, we started for the first destination of the day – Ratu palace. From this royal family, McCluskieganj was leased out.








A game of cricket being played outside the palace

We stopped at Leela Sweets & Restaurant for a sumptuous breakfast of dhuska, kachori, jalebi and another round of tea.



A very inviting plate of dhuska, which turned out to be tasty too

After being loaded properly, our journey towards McCluskieganj began.

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When in Bihar, do as the Biharis do. Jharkhand being the off-spring of Bihar, the same rule is applicable here too.
When I went to Jharkhand Jungles and then to Ranchi, Street food I discovered was 'Litti Chokha.' Hardly seen in Patna or Jamshedpur in same trip. Although it is now common in Noida and also Delhi now but 15 years back it was seen in Ranchi area only.
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