McCluskieganj - The Forgotten Anglo-Indian Hamlet


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McCluskieganj is an idyllic town away from the maddening crowd. It might be the ideal place to lead a reclusive life for a few days, fleeing from the urban cacophony, seeking refuge from daily monotony. What is the best time to visit this quaint hamlet? It must be the spring. It will be difficult to think of McCluskieganj without the omnipresent Flame of the Forest trees.



Gulmohor Guesthouse : Mr. Shekhar Bose 7033546333 / 8292785777
We stayed here for one day. It had opened only a few days earlier. Rooms are spacious. It is located outside the main town. So the ambience is absolutely calm. The cook was not available as she had gone to attend her daughter’s marriage. Otherwise food is also available here. We had several round of tea here.

Bobby Gordon’s Bungalow 9835770679 / 9470930230

Rana’s Country Cottage : Mr. Deepak Rana 9006205320 / 8987882206

Our initial plan was to stay at Rana’s Country Cottage for two days, although we could stay there for one day. It is also located outside the main town, amidst a sal forest. A few words must be said about Mr. and Mrs. Deepak Rana. The hospitality extended by this septuagenarian couple is outstanding. Most of the times, if the number of guests is less, aunty cooks the food herself. They visit every group personally to ensure that everybody is well fed and looked after. The quantity of food is really sumptuous. They even serve food to people who are not boarders there. We heard aunty refusing such a group as all the food had been finished; but on the same breath she asked them to stay back and stood up to cook food again, saying that she cannot turn away hungry guests. It is a hospitality absolutely out of the world, unthinkable in these days.


Bolero owner : Mr. Anup Prasad 6200490542
Driver Javed 96089882236

Auto driver Saddam Ansari 7667935225

Pick-up from Ranchi railway station to McCluskieganj via 11 km detour to Nakta hills : 75 km Rs.2500 by Bolero, time taken 4 hours

Tiru fall 71 km to and fro Rs.1300 by Bolero, time taken 3 hours

McCluskieganj railway station, Baxi bungalow, watch tower : Rs.700 by Auto Rickshaw

Railway bridge no. 27 and Kanti fall 116 km to and fro : Rs.1700, time taken 4 hrs

We are grateful to @subhankar paul to arrange this tour for us, and also for accompanying us.

We thank everybody who took time out to read this travelogue.

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Great views! Such a scenic beauty and I am proud to see all the worship centres in a single frame. Incredible India!