Mercedes launches A Class in India today!

Mercedes India has launched its A-Class hatchback in India today. The prices are 21.93 lacs (ex-showroom Mumbai) for A180 CDI (diesel) and 22.73 lacs (ex-showroom Mumbai) for A180 Sport Petrol.

Its a sign of aggressiveness from Mercedes as the German luxury car trio of Audi-BMW-Mercedes are generally associated with sporting & luxury sedans and luxury SUVs off late. It's yet to be seen if people will be able accept a hatchback as a genuine luxury car. And if happens so, Mercedes is definitely going to get the first mover advantage, like BMW got for its X1 as compact urban SUV.

Check more details here - Mercedes A-class launched | News | Autocar India


Mediocre me
Not surprised to see Diesel priced cheaper then Petrol(Sport). I see X1 story repeating to some extent. There are many Merc loyalists. And it could be a good 2nd car for many.


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hi vikas guru

can you eloborate on various
Mercedes A Class
Mercedes B Class
Mercedes C Class
Mercedes D Class
Mercedes E Class
A,B,C,D,E Classes of Mercedes Benez?

A1 to A8....
can you eloborate on various
Mercedes A Class Small Hatch (B+ category) Car
Mercedes B Class Cross over (C+ category) car
Mercedes C Class D Segment and Entry level Sedan
Mercedes D Class I don't think Merc have D Class
Mercedes E Class Also called the Executive Class. Mid range Sedan from Merc.
R Class : Based on E class, with extended wheelbase and MUV styling with Three rows
S Class : Top End sedan from Merc
CLK / SLK : Sport Coupes
M Class : Luxury SUVs
G Class : Rugged SUVs (Now more luxurious)

These are the Merc models available in India. Though there can be many more models / classes available.

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