Mid life blues - Our trip to ladakh on 2 wheels


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Every one comes to a point in life when you get bored by the daily routine to the extent that you need to do some thing to get an adrenaline rush well i started biking after reading sajalseth's (BCM ian solo trip to ladakh) the ladakh trip 2016 is the sequel to it. i had done a trip to ladakh in a mahindra bolero in 2013 from my home town in kerala with my family. i had encoutered hordes of bulleteers in the circuit in that trip, and it hit a chord in my heart and i too wanted to do a trip on 2 wheels. here are few snaps for starters





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Hey Doc!!, Finally you did it man, Great!!!! you are an inspiration Sir, will keep close tabs on this thread may be next year it would be a log from my side. Im sure the spirits are high and the adrenaline is gushing through the veins. Im waiting to know how the Himalayan behaved in its natural habitat how was the experience in a bike compared to your bolero.


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thanx inca. hope to read your TL next year mate and do skip the "sir " part i am just ram to you all. well life was just linked to jobs, kids and was meandering along when we decided that we needed a fix this year. the choice was between the north east and ladakh . ultimately the dice fell in favour of ladakh. i had bought a bajaj avenger 220 dtsi in 2013 with a secret wish in heart to do the mother of all rides. i had stopped riding bikes 14 years ago, as you all would have guessed, after walking the plank ( got married ) did small runs in kerala on it. then the RE himalayan hit the market and i was bowled over by it. told wifey about buying it and got vetoed promptly. secretly went to the new RE dealer in kannur- Vibrant automotives with my daughter and co rider satish, did a TD and booked one. when later i told wifey about it and boom:tfrag: some how pacified her later.


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let me first introduce my co riders
suresh kumar - lives in payangadi and is an advocate by profession. 48 yrs young. used to ride a bullet 350 in the past, but sold it off & was riding a hero honda. enticed him to buy a new RE classic 350 just prior to our trip. he had come with me in my 2013 ladakh trip.
satish kumar - younger brother of suresh, 45 yrs , an agriculture officer in the govt of kerala, agriculture dept. owns a year old RE classic 350, 10000 kms on the odo.
raghu ram - retired businessman, BCMTian, lives in Nenmara, palaghat, youngest of the 4 of us 60yrs. rides a 10 year old bajaj pulsar 150