Mid life blues - Our trip to ladakh on 2 wheels

Suneesh Sharma

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the descent from rohtang was very difficult as there was no road at many places . there was heavy truck traffic too. some how reached gramphu. we rode on with occasional stops for taking snaps. reached sissu by 3 pm and stopped for lunch.

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Nice clicks and beautifully narrated.
Coincidently I was also on my trip to Leh on same dates. I started off from Delhi on 9th night and reached Manali 10th morning. \\:D/\\:D/


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our first priority in delhi was to parcel our bikes to kerala. we went to the railway parcel office on the 22 rd morning itself, but was informed that we could book them only with in 24 hours prior to our journey which was on 24 th evening. we had to back track to our guest house.we went back on the 23 rd and had a hell of a time packing and booking the bikes for parceling. all the bikes had to be unloaded at a single place only, hence ramji too had to get down at kannur and ride the bike back to his home town - Nenmara. we spent our stay in delhi by going out and doing lots of shopping & partying at night. the party continued during our train trip back to kerala. At Madgaon one of my friends replenished our supplies and the party continued till payangadi. ramji still didn't feel satisfied by the ride & wanted more and was looking forward to his ride to Nenmara.
with that , my friends i come to the end of my travelogue. hope you all enjoyed it. i for that matter will never forget the ride , ever, as never had we gone on such a long and thrilling ride. i hope that this wouldn't be the last one. we the 4 of us are bonded eternaly by a sense of comraderie. i haven't met ramji after the ride but we keep in touch almost every week. the other 2 i meet almost on all days.
thanks to Dheeraj for his guidance in planning and executing the trip. we bow our heads to the BRO for keeping the roads in Ladakh open and rideable. our salute to the indian army for the help and protection they provide. all u guys for the encouragement in writing the travelogue.


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Wow, what a travelogue? The narration, the photos, the experiences, one helluva stuff, gents. I enjoyed it immensely. The encounter with the "toughs" was the icing one the cake. Fantastic !!


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Grt start!!
"Every one comes to a point in life when you get bored by the daily routine to the extent that you need to do some thing to get an adrenaline rush"
Meri life me toh ye point har mahine aata h:lol:
great then you are living life to the hilt ... life has to be lived like that ... i am from south and now planing a solo trip to Himalayas and haven't planned for it just going to start mostly in end of August


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Every one comes to a point in life when you get bored by the daily routine to the extent that you need to do some thing to get an adrenaline rush well i started biking after reading sajalseth's (BCM ian solo trip to ladakh) the ladakh trip 2016 is the sequel to it. i had done a trip to ladakh in a mahindra bolero in 2013 from my home town in kerala with my family. i had encoutered hordes of bulleteers in the circuit in that trip, and it hit a chord in my heart and i too wanted to do a trip on 2 wheels. here are few snaps for starters

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infinity lovely is the word i would express