Midway to Dream - Quest to Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp 2016


Santosh Swaminathan

It is 2.30PM I am almost at 4100m, in another 260 meters I will be at Dingboche (4360m). I feel really dizzy, hardly had my lunch and my water intake has reduced. Have all the symptoms of AMS... Did I over estimate myself? Maybe I should I have had a dose of Diamox in the morning along with Srikanth? Where is Srikanth??? Should I continue or take a break??? Lights off...

Traditional Teaser

Welcome to dream-gate - Lukla Airport


Pee Kaa Boo


Mighty Ama Dalam (6812m)


Group Pic


Mother of all - Mt.Everest (8848m)



Santosh Swaminathan
Inspiration to Dream - Jan 2015

There is always someone or something which inspires one to get out of their shell and do something which they wouldn’t have dreamt off. For me that something is https://www.bcmtouring.com/forums/threads/quest-for-sagarmatha-kala-patthar-ebc-trek-2014.61995/” and someone is our fello BCMTian Ashish Kumar @ashk.

On Jan 2015 I bumped into this t’log and it blew my mind off. I was awestruck by the teaser and I promised myself that I would do this trek at least once in my life.
The amount of details shared by Ashish in his t’log is more than what one would find in lonely planet books. In fact I call his t'log the Bible for Kalapatthar. I was glued to his t’log all day and was mesmerized by the pics. Well I am short of words to describe the pics in the t'log, it is well beyond superlative. I became a disciple of the t’log.

NB: I tried mimicking everything Ashish had done in my trek so people who have already read his t'log can give this t'log a miss... It would be like watching Rohit Sharma 50 in a cricket match after Sachin Tendulkar had already made 200.:p

Fan boy moment with Guruji - Dec2015

I got an opportunity to meet Ashish @ashk along with fellow BCMTians @amritash @polly doc and Shivam. Ashish had planned for a trek in thirthan valley and he extended the invite to me. I had this fan boy moment when I met him. He is an amazing guy, cheerful, very talkative, abundant knowledge in photography and trekking. His motto is to share the knowledge he has gained to everyone and he does it religiously without any expectation.

Well this trip turned out of be a boon to me as I got to learn so much about photography first hand from Ashish who kept guiding me all the time. Until then I had a DSLR which I would put it on Auto and shoot pics, but thanks to Ashish I really got to learn all the basics within 3 to 4 days.

I also got to know how it feels in high altitude and how bad my stamina was when we went to Jalori pass (3120m). The zeal to mountains unfolded and desire to Kalapatthar increased.

I forgot to mention that Ashish has an expectation – The chain of sharing knowledge shouldn’t stop. Now you know the reason to why I am writing this t’log.:D

Finding Srikanth - Feb2016

I was in Dubai when I met my cousin Srikanth and shared my thirthan trekking experience with him and he really got fascinated by it. We were driving to Dubai Jumeirah beach and he started a conversation,

Srikanth- I also want to do a trek like you. I want to be completely away from this busy life
Me - Are you sure? I thought you never enjoyed such things
Srikanth- Of course I do, i play for 3 hours during weekend. I enjoy such stuffs
Me - Playing cricket is different from trekking
Srikanth- You think i can’t trek:mad:
Me - No I am not saying that :roll: but trekking is completely different from playing a sport.
Srikanth- Well the next time when you are going for a trek let me know and I will join you
Me - I am planning for Kalapatthar, EBC. would you be interested?
Srikanth- Of course. How long would the trek be bcos i have to apply for leave and when are you planning for it?
Me – Maybe Nov or Dec for couple of weeks
Srikanth– That sounds cool. 2 weeks will be lot of fun.

After sometime

Srikanth - By the way, where is this? And what is Kalapatthar? …..And ABCD?
Me – It is not ABCD, it is EBC – Everest Base Camp :mad:
Srikanth – Everest has a base camp???

Me - #-o#-o#-o

Little did he know what he was getting into :p and little did I know what I am getting into as well :shock:

Another teaser

Peek a boo again


From Left Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse



Techie by profession, Nomad by heart!
Such vibrant, lovely photos Santo. Appears all your hard work of learning how to shoot is finally paying off.

I am happy that you got pristine weather, unlike the egregious conditions I faced on this trail.

It indeed was a Herculean effort from you. Can't wait to see more pics and read the detailed description of your journey.

And did I mention, Santy has some stiff competition in the form of Srikanth!! :D


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And did I mention, Santy has some stiff competition in the form of Srikanth!! :D hahahahahaha
Do you also pointing Srikanth did not completed the final stretch LOL