Milky Way - Need Help

Nice pointers Chetans. I have, however, observed even distant bright lights (like street lights, light from buildings etc) can also be used to focus at infinity.
To save the hassle every time, I have simply made a small mark (from permanent marker) on my lens focus rings.


I think Ankur has covered most things. One thing you might find challenging is focusing at night. What I normally do for focusing at infinity is to put the camera on the central focus point which is normally the most sensitive one. If the moon is in the sky (which is counterproductive for Milky Way shots) then focus on the moon with autofocus and then set the AF to manual. Alternatively look for Venus which is also pretty bright.

Use live view for reconfirming the focus and composing images as well. We do get carried away with Milky Way but a great composition is equally important.

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Nice but too noisy. I thought you had 5DIII?


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When I was a kid, we could see the milky way after a rainy day even in the heart of the city. Now you have to go to the mountains or to a foreign country to actually see stars.
I remember the days long time back in Delhi when there was बत्ती गुल in night in the whole area and we could see the sky lit up and could see faint Milky Way.

Cool thread and nice pics!